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Coughing elderly Pug

We have a 12 year old pug. She was diagnosed and treated for kennel cough about 6weeks ago. The coughing lessened, but now is "wetter" and sounds to me like a loud exhale. It seems to worsen at night, and tjis morning she threw up a large amount of clear mucas before she ate. The coughing has stopped completely (it's been 2 hours) now that she got that mucas out. I had her to the vet 3days ago, she suspects the Kennel cough has turned into Bronchitis and put her on  Doxycycline Hyclate, and TheophyllineER. I will be honest here, I am looking for a new vet, as the place I go seems to be more $$ oriented and I doubt always have faith in their diagnoses. I was about to call another vet this morning, but after getting up that mucas she seems so much better...maybe the meds are working?
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Hopefully, the meds are working.  If in a day or two, with the weekend nearing, if she seems the same or wirse, think I would be getting a second opinion.
Did her heart check out ok?  Was a chest x-Ray done?
Hope this kicks it.
Please do update.
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