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My 5 year old miniature schnauzer is 5 years old.  She has started coughing and is becoming more frequent. It is almost a panting cough?  She also has a bad odor.  Which has been going on for a month or two.(odor).  I have listened to her chest with a stethescope and she is breathing fast and it sounds thick and dry.  I thoguht it was maybe just a case of dust because we mulched leaves (oak and pecan) and we didn't have a bag on the mower and it got pretty dusty.  Now I don't think that is it.  When she jumps on the chair or my bed she has a coughing episode.  I am really getting worried.  She looks at me so sad. Please help!  
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Hi i have a 11 yr old dogs she also got a bad cough but it started when she drinks to fast but now she has a honying kind of noise cough and her breath is very smelly when she coughs wot do u think it is thanks
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Please take your Dog to the Vet ASAP!
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Can you describe the cough?Is it sound like a dry honking cough?
Does she any nasal discharge?
Has she been around any other dogs about the time this started like a boarding place, groomers ,dogie day care, dog park?
Does it seems to get worse with active or when she gets excited?
You should take her to the vet it could be kennel cough or a number of other thing.
and where is the bad odor coming from?
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