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Could the rabies shot have killed my dog Bear?

My dog Bear was about 3 years old, but he's an outside dog.  Well he didnt have a license and the ASPCA told us that I had 7 days to get my dog a license and in order to do that, he has to get a rabies shot.  I took him to get a rabies shot yesterday and this morning my brother found him dead.  

Well I went outside and buried my dog, but my sister told me I should call the vet and let them know that he died.  Yesterday when I took him to get the shot, she said that his temp should be around 101, but it was 104 and she took a fecal sample which she's suppose to call tomorrow and tell us the results, but I called her today and she's suppose to call me back.  Is it possible that the shot killed him?

She had mentioned that I should get him checked for heartworms but we gave him heartworm medicine a few months ago.  Still we were going to take him back to the vet at a later date for the test.  He wasnt acting out of place.  It's summer and he's huskey mixed.  He's usually more active during the colder months, but this morning he was found laying under trees, which he did more often than being in his house, but he wasnt moving.  We buried him already cuz I didnt know what else we could do.  I've never had a dog die so suddenly before and we've always had outside dogs.  I know not every dog is the same, but if the vet knew he had a temp should she had given him the shot?
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I apologize for the misinformation, the lady from the ASPCA said he may have worms and we gave him WORM medicine, not heartworms.  But we were going to have him checked for heartworms at a later time becuz the vet said since he spent all of his time outside that he should be checked.  We never got a chance to do it, becuz he died.

I still wanna know if it's possible that the vaccine killed him?  He wasnt behaving unnaturally or anything like that.  It took some doin to get him into the car, but he calmed down once he got to the vet.  Let her look him over, take his temp, weigh him and give him a shot.  He didnt act any differently when we got him home either.  The shot is the only thing I can think of.  What am I suppose to do if she tells me I have to bring him in?  I can't unbury and lift a dead dog into my car, nor do I want to do that.  It took me the longest time to bury him and I don't really think I have it in me to it.  I don't know.  Any advice?
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The answer is NO! They should NOT have given him the Rabies shot -or indeed ANY shot if he was displaying any symptoms of being unwell. A temperature of 104 is a fever for a dog. Anything above 102.5....103 is considered a fever.
This could have meant he had an infection or other problem, which shouls have been treated and stabilized well before he was innoculated!

I am so very very sorry about what happened to your dear Bear. This is so sad.
Surely they have to keep records of the consultations, and should have recorded Bear's fever. That I feel is enough without doing a necropsy on him. The fact that they gave him the shot when his health status was in doubt shows me they behaved irresponsibly. No matter WHAT the cause of the fever was.
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