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We boarded our Golden Retreiver at the doggy daycare for 8 days.  As we do not crate him…they did.  He is 100 pounds, and the joy he brings our family is AMAZING!
Now their crate (for him) isn’t that large, it just fits him.  When we got him we and he were so excited to be reunited.  But, he will not sit for us.  He gets into the position to sit but acts like it is painful.  At first we thought he was being obstinate, but seriously he won’t sit.  Could the crating have hurt him in some way or anyone hearing of this problem after boarding their dog know what “could” be the problem?
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If he knows how to sit and won't sit for you, and also won't sit on his own, take him to the vet and get him checked for something that might be giving him pain. I don't think the crating would do it unless he got stuck in some awkward way and sprained his back, but anything can happen to a dog being boarded and they aren't going to risk their livelihood by telling you what did happen. He might have a sore anus or blocked anal glands, a cramping or blocked intestine, or something that hurts him about his muscles or back. See the vet.
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ps -- My dog is a big girl and has an in-the-house kennel the size of a large end table (as deep as a big sofa, as tall as the arm of the sofa, and easily wide enough for her to turn around in). She sits in it comfortably, that's the size I want for her when she "kennels up." But, when we have taken her to the vet (the cat goes at the same time) she gets so excited that she actually jumps into the cat's carrier. She once even did it with the cat in it, result being much hissing and both animals exiting the carrier. The cat's carrier is for airline use, so not tiny -- you could put a Pomeranian in the cat's crate. But I still can't believe our dog jumping in front first and coming out front first from such a small kennel compared to her size, it looked like she should be wearing it around her waist. Dogs are just really flexible! That's why my guess is that something else is bothering your boy, either attained at the daycare or elsewhere. (Dogs also eat odd things and get painful inners from them. I've heard of a dog that ate a steak knife.) Time for an exam, X-ray and maybe a barium X-ray.

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