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Cure for my Shih Tzu's Seizure


My 5-year old shih tzu is experiencing seizures every two days. She had erlichia in 2010 and was cured. This November, she tested low positive. But we were able to cure it already. But she's still having seizures. We have been trying to do everything to cure it. She goes to the vet twice a week to have dextrose with vitamins and potassium put her on her. We put sugar in her water to make sure her glucose level doesn't go down. I wake up at past midnight to feed her. But she's still having seizures.

Does anyone have a shih tzu that experiences this? Do you have suggestions on how to cure this?

Thank you.
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Does she actually have low blood gluose that your vet is measuring? Unless this is a very young small breed puppy, the dog should not have low blood glucose without an underlying cause that should be investigated and treated. There are a number of anti-seizure medications that she can and SHOULD be on with seizures occurring 2 days apart! Leveteracitam (keppra) is a GREAT drug that has to be given three times daily, but is not metabolized by the liver in the instance your vet is worried about your dog's liver function (just speculating as to why the dog is not on meds). Were you offered anti-seizure meds? I just wonder why she is only being treated with fluids...
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Thank you, Shannon.

Yes, her glucose level went down when she had erlichia. Right now, she is being injected with potassium and other vitamins. She has a history of liver problems so maybe, that's why she's not being given Keppra. Do you know any other medications for seizures?

Thank you.
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Well Keppra would be her best best bet (barring kidney disease) because it is minimally metabolized by the liver and mostly by the kidneys. However, if this is purely a hypoglycemic seizure, I don't think the anti-seizure meds would help. There needs to be more investigation into why the blood sugar is so low because this is not normal. If she constantly has to be monitored and supplemented, she is going to be on the edge and be at risk for seizures constantly. I don't know what you are able to afford, but I would make sure she has a thorough blood work up and possible an abdominal ultrasound...if the glucose, BUN, albumin, and cholesterol are low or trending downward, this indicates that the liver is failing.
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What are you feeding her?
Any Flea/Tick products being used? What about shampoo?
Toxins in your yard like pesticides? Or in house?
Could some of this be a  toxic reaction to a food or product or medication? Have you evaluated that as of yet?    Karla
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