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Cure for my Shih Tzu's Seizure


My 5-year old shih tzu is experiencing seizures every two days. She had erlichia in 2010 and was cured. This November, she tested low positive. But we were able to cure it already. But she's still having seizures. We have been trying to do everything to cure it. She goes to the vet twice a week to have dextrose with vitamins and potassium put her on her. We put sugar in her water to make sure her glucose level doesn't go down. I wake up at past midnight to feed her. But she's still having seizures.

Does anyone have a shih tzu that experiences this? Do you have suggestions on how to cure this?

Thank you.
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My 15 year old Shih Tzu started having seizures about 6 months ago.

Went from one a week to 1 evert one or two days.

I feel terrible.

This is what happens.
1 He breaths heavy for about one second
2 He either losses his balance or falls on his side from pain
3 He cries - screams in pain for about 5 10 seconds
4 He pees

Then it is over, he is scarred for about a minute.

I hug and hold him.

He is shaky and aware that something is wrong for about 39 minutes.

Then all is OK

I went to vet had an xray done and antibiotics.

Still no better

Vet says episodic attacks happen in older dogs.

Concerned that one time he will not make it through one of the attacks.

I will just keep loving him.
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cody, my 13 year old shih tzu is doing the same exact thing you're describing.  have you had any luck remedying the problem?
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My 16 yr old Shih Tzu just began having these same seizures approximately 2 weeks ago. We took her to the vet and explained how she stops breathing. He took X-rays and they are clear. She just had one today which is the 1 st one since seeing the vet(4 days). This one seemed more like a seizure. The weird thing is they seem to happen before or after using the bathroom. How is your dog doing now? Did you ever find out what caused the seizures or still have them? I feel so helpless for her. Thank you and God Bless our babies.
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