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Cushings, Pancreatitis, Heart Murmur etc WHAT MEDS?

My 10 yr old mini Poodle Julie was now diagnosed with a heart murmur when she went  to ER Vet again.. for another Pancreatitis attack..which is better now.  My Vet told me that the Trilostane (22.5 mg) is NOT working for her Cushings disease. Yet, 2 months ago her numbers came way down to normal. He now wants her on LYSODREN. I am scared to death of that drug. I read too much negative reports about it. Thats why I put her on Trilostane.
Many ppl here & other sites say Lysodren is  brutal on the dog & there is a chance of death from it.

I just saw a site called PetWellBeing.com..I found it here. They use alternative meds. I saw the following...
I saw Supraglan for Dog Cushings Disease & Hearty Heart for Dog Heart Disease. A  Natural Support for Canine Heart Disease

It all sounds good but I am hesitant. Does anyone know of this site & if so please read the above 2 meds & tell me what you think.  Does anyone have any other suggestions...Alternitive/Natural Medicine vs Conventional (my Vets choice of Lysodren)  I am not happy at all with the thought of Lysodren. Julie is a sick dog with a multitude of  problems. Feel free to suggest anything that comes to mind.
Thank You

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Sorry to hear of your troubles.  I have my dog on Trilostane, for amost three years, 12.5mg per day.  It has been trial and some error to find the correct dose to administer, she started at 150mg twice a day !! and we have to have her tested every five months.
We moved her from the Lysodren because she did not respond well and would be good one day and really bad the next.
My only advise that I can offer is to have your vet do an altasound of the glands before starting on Lysodren.  We did not do this (Lysodren kills the glands if given too much of the drug, were as Trilostane is an inhibitor) and when we did she had already been on the drug for some time. The vet said that her glands were different sizes but did not know the cause, could be the drug or could have been that way to start with, so we will never know how much or if any the Lysodren did.
Also my dog has a diet which is low in fat and quite high in protein, we feed human grade raw meat and cooked chicken, suplemented by dry premium food.
I wish you all the best and stay pro active in your approach, my vets great but I continue with my own research.
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Hi..thanks so much for answering me. This is all good to know.  Julie was on 22.5 mg of trilostane. She is 13.5 lbs.
In June her numbers came way down & we were all happy.  The Vet said to come back in 2 mos. for the blood test.
Than July 3, she had a Pancreatitis attack...she stayed at ER Vet for 4 days. She got better.
Than Aug. 15, she had another attack. Than a heart murmur showed up.
She is better now..very tired though..but she's in limbo...with me having to make this decision....Do I give her Trilostane that I thought was doing good or Lysodren or Homeopathic?? I hate the thought of giving her Lysodren.  He thinks the Trilostane is not working. He doesn't think it's a good drug. This is crazy. No-one here ever used the drug..it was my choice. Many Vets here use Lysodren...knowing that it can kill a dog. I can't take that chance.

How big is your dog ..her weight...is her belly still looking Pot Belly? Mine is.
I am told to give Julie Hills I/D now...I do.   NOTHING else but Thats not possible.
I do give her cooked chicken & rice, cooked Yam. Hard boiled Egg whites every am.
I give her low fat...what is good in high protein?? Why raw meat & what kind do u give her??  What kind of dry food do u give her?  I bought Hills RD dry food & I give it only as a treat. She likes it & thinks it's a treat...phewwww lol lol.
Take care

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My dog, Ruby, is a Lab/Bitball mix and quite a robust girl. Weight right now is 45 lbs.
Her Pop Belly has diminished some, but we have noticed that she has lost alot of mussle mass (which is expected).  The raw meat came from reading as much as I could, I spend alot of time debating cook or not to cook and in the end not cooking the red meat was the way I went.  I always cook any chicken or turkey becuase of E. coli.
The reason I chose to supplement with dry food is that, well I simply did not trust myself to know what else to feed her that would meet all her needs, I'm hoping that the dry pet food that has the balance she requires.  You sound as if you have worked out a good diet for Julie, I'm sure it is much harder with smaller dogs digestion.
In addition to Cushings her liver has begain to show signs of damage and has started her on Denamarin, a nutritional supplement.
My first Vet also had no idea Trilostane existed (I found out about it and made the suggestion.  I am from the UK and I believe that it is still used their for human treatment over their).
Our new vet was quite familiar with the drug.  We actually have it sent from a company based in New Jersey; Wedgewood Pharmacy.  They were very helpful to me, making up the pills in any size we needed so the we could administer twice a day. That reminds me, when we first started Trilostane treatment my vet had me cut the capsule in half to make up the correct doze but after talking to the Pharmacy they said this was a big NO NO as the capsule has the drug and a lot of filler in and just cutting in half would not necessarily provide the correct doze.  
I would ask your vet if the Pancreatitis attacks play a part in Julie's numbers being off.  As you say two months ago her numbers came way down and since then two attacks of Pancreatitis.  
You may have seen these site but if not you may find them useful
I do hope more people post here for you, I know it is hard to know the right thing to do and the more advice the better.
All the best.
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All the herbs listed in this product, Supraglan, are beneficial and specific for adrenal health, and safe for dogs.....however, it is not advised to use licorice (one of the ingredients) for dogs with heart disease.

But if you are interested in trying alternative medicine, you could consult a herbal vet. Someone, obviously, who is fully-qualified both in Herbalism, and Veterinary Science. If there isn't one near where you live, you may be able to find a good reputable one online? I can give you the url of a Herbal Vet website based in Scotland, (www.theherbalvet.com) which does appear to me to be trustworthy and very good. I have no idea whether they would stock anything for the treatment of Cushing's, would charge for advice, or even whether the vet there would be able to give you advice. But you could always try?
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I emailed my vet last evening & I said that I was unhappy that he took Julie off the Trilostane when she was doing so good on it in June.   I asked him whats up with that?? Why the change of mind. I want her back on it.
Thats my choice.  The Vets here, all use Lysodren & want her on that.  I said NO.  I will not take that chance of Julie dying from it. There is no antedote for Lysodren, for Trilostane, there is. She is compromised as it is.  I want to put her on supplements also...if possible.

Thanks so much for those web sites. They r great & no I never saw them before.  I also use Wedgewood Pharmacy.
Ginger, Thanks for the Herbal vet also.  I will go there tonight to see thier site.  

My Vet is afraid to give Julie supplements because of conflicts with Trilostane. I see that you give it to your dog Ruby.
I don't get my Vets thinking & it aggravates me.  
Here in N.Y., these vets should be more hip on Trilostane.  

Julie also, is showing signs of Liver damage. It's enlarged also.
So is her gall bladder.  He tells me thats from Pancreatitis.
Her belly is real big & it's uncomfortable for her.
I just want one more year or many more with Julie, if possible.
She is so pretty & so good. She is my baby doll.

Thank you to you both

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Our 10 year old sheltie has had Cushing's Disease for 3 years. We gave him a chemo drug once a week, then 3 times per week and had his blood checked twice a year. After several checks a month ago, the determination was made by our vet that his disease had progressed to the point with high blood numbers that there were no other treatment options. Unhappy with this prognosis, I researched Cushings in dogs online and found Supraglan. I give him 1 eyedropper full twice a day with his food. He eats fine and is doing well. I will continue purchasing and using this product as long as my dog appears healthy, shiny coat, eats, runs, plays with his toys and maintains his weight.

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