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Cushings Disease AND kidney failure

My 16 year old dog was diagnosed with kidney failure three years ago, and with Cushings in June this year.
He is having Fortekor 2.5mg for the kidneys and started 10mg Vetoryl for the Cushings, under close observation because it is not recommended for dogs with kidney failure.  He became unwell after 6 weeks on it and I stopped it immediately.  He is currently not being treated for the Cushings disease.

He had a blood test this week - Urea  (33.2mmol/L) Creatinine (201.0 umol/L) Cholesterol (13.06  mmol/L) Potassium (6.27 mmol/L) Inorganic Phosphorus (2.38 mmol/L) All of these are increased since his last test two months ago.

He also had an ACTH - pre 95.2 nmol/L and post 596 mol/L  

He seems well in himself and has a reasonable appetite, His Cushings symptoms seem to have almost disappeared although some days he drinks a little more water than normal, but not the massive amounts he used to.

I am worried that by not treating the Cushings, it is making his kidney problem worse.  Could this be true? Or would it be even worse if the Cushings was treated?
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Please ignore my comment about the posts disappearing - I've found them!
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I noticed that Tony had replied yesterday but I did not have time to write anything.  I was just about to reply this morning but his posts seem to have disappeared!  What am I doing wrong?
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Thank you Jan, I will go to the kidney failure forum.
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I am sorry to hear your boy has been hit now
with two major issues. If you look to the right
of this page you will see "Related Forums"
click on GROUPS" it will drop a forum box to
if you go here,Tony may be bale to offer more
spacific help as he is very knowledgeable on
kidney problems.Othere in this forum may also
be able to give additional helps as folks there
have or are going through similar problems...I
hope this helps.
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