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Cushings Disease In Dogs

I have an 11 year old Beagle Buster Brown. He has had skin allergies his whole life. But, was not really diagnosed properly. The vets I took him to always perscribed prednisone. I think this has caused him problems. He had a seizure and I took him to the Vet and was told they would charge me $3,000.00 to run some tests. These foks really did not care about my Guy, mainly my debit card. About 1 year ago I noticed his kidneys or liver is slightly swollen. Even though this was obvious he was still given this drug. I was not happy with this Vet but I did give him this medication. Then About 6 months ago I noticed a mushy lump under his right leg. His new Vet which I am SO HAPPY with noticed also. I took him in because he was snorting, like he was trying to get a buger out of his nore. When she examined him she detected a heart murmer. She wanted to treat him so in order to find out what was up his nose, she performed an ex-ray nothing was found. She really wanted to scope his nose but he would have to be put under antestheisa and she was nervous about it. Well this then he started to get sick, it looks like water. He is incredibly thirsty and drinks water constantly he also goes the bathroom contantly outside. He is doing this about 2-5 times a day, then he runs and drinks a bunch of water. It looks mucasly, not much substance jsut watery. He has been sleeping so much lately, he has a play pal Choppers. As of the last 3 days, he is not really active at all. He is not his happy camper self. My Vet wants me to try and give him  Pepcid AC, 10 miligrams a day. Then next week she wants to run a Blood Panel. I am willing to do this and I want to do this. I need to know something, I know Dogs have a high tolerance for pain.
Is Buster in pain? Is this disease hurting him? This is my companion and I cannot bear the thought of my Guy in pain. Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You in Advance
Buster's Mom    
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Wow, I am so sorry to read about your boy's health issues.  I have 2 Beagles and 1 Bassett. I am so amazed the vet didn't take blood to do the work up right then considering he is taking Prednisone. That med can make them VERY thirsty, and it has many side effects. I would also have him tested for Diabetes and have his Thyroid checked.
A friend of mine has a Lab with Cushings, he can't be out in any hot weather running around at all. She takes him out to play after sundown. They had to adjust his meds several times when they first found out, and have his bloodwork done every 3 months. I would think if he is in pain you would know. They have a way of telling you.
If it were me I would stop the prednisone or at least cut it back with the symptoms he is having until all the bloodwork is done.
One of my boy's who is passed now had Diabetes. These diseases can be hard to deal with but are manageable. Unfortunately some vets just aren't up to par in treating them and you have to find the right one. I know there is a forum for dogs with cushings, it was on the same board as the canine diabetes forum I used to go on.
I hope all is well with your boy, sending tons of licks and smooches his way
Take care ; )
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I have a 5 year old beagle who has allergies.  She has suffered with them for the last three years.  We used to take her to a vet who was giving her steroid shots every month for about a year when by chance they refused to see her one day when I felt she needed to be looked at so I took her to a friends vet only to find out how dangerous it really was to be giving her those shots.  Needless to say I switched vets immediatly.  I suggest you do the same if you are unsure about your current vets abilities.  Ask around and find a vet reccommended by someone that you know is a very good pet owner.

I still haven't found anything that works well on her alleries though.  She's itchy all of the time.  Did you ever find something other than the steroids that helped with the itching?

I am amazed at the similarities between our two dogs.  My beagle not only has the allergies but has had a seizure as well.

I suggest trying some pepto bismol for the upset stomach, that seems to help our beagle when she isn't feeling good.
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I appreciate your rsponse. I will no longer allow anyone to administer and steroids. However due to what has happened I am afraid the affects of this drug has caused damaged that cannot be repaired.
Due to his age and this damage I will let nature take its course. As long as my Guy is not in pain I will love him and care for him, when the day comes he is in pain I will take care of that.
Please learn from the mistakes that I have made with his care. I should of pressed for the results of administering this type of drug to my Guy, if I had of known I would of Never allowed this to happen.
Thanks for the tip on Pepto, I have been giving his this medication and it has helped so much.
I am trying Fish Oil to help with his itching, it is early yet Buy a very good Vet suggested this.
He is such a Happy Guy and I am such a Lucky Mom to have had him in my life.
Please learn from my lack of knowledge on this subject as I have.
Thank You  
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