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Dachshund with Flea Allergy Dermatitis.

My dog is 13 years old, and it became very clear in her puppy age that she had FAD. In a trip taken last year October, 2012 she became infested with fleas. As soon as we got home we went through the gauntlet of treating her skin and flea problems promptly. We have also treated our home several time out of caution.

However, since this trip we have still yet to get her skin under control. I have given her multiple different type of skin soothing baths including Apple Cider Vinegar, Oatmeal, Coconut oil and medications. Nothing has stopped.

I realize that each time she is bitten by a flea (even though it dies) it can cause a pump or irritation, but she is gnawing and scratching herself to death. I keep flea treatments on her. Put her on a basic diet with no additives for food and even an e-collar on her. So far I can not get her poor skin under control.

Unfortuately, at this time an extra trip to the vet or a specialist is out of the question.

Any suggestions and help wuold be wonderful.

She's a 13 year old wire-hair dachshund about 12 pounds.
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Sorry to read of you problems, you have my experience-based empathy.  Our 9 year old rescue Westie is still giving me fits trying to control some combination of allergies (food included), yeast (dermatitis), and possibly compulsive behavior, he also licks the carpet and everything else, but only when it seems he may be bored.

Does you dog have any new orders?  If yes it could be yeast.. it seems you've done about every thing you can to remove fleas.

I do not know "FAD" as you mention in your first line - is that related to the flea problem?.  
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FAD stands for Flea Allergy Dermatitis. I can remove fleas from her and from our home, but I can't remove fleas from outside.

One jumps on her, bites, and leaves a small pimple-like red mark that turns into an itching nightmare. It's like a mosquito bite that itches horribly.

I'm familiar with yeast problems in dogs too. She has had yeast infections in her ears before. We've been able to keep that pretty well in check. I'll see about doing some probiotic treatments with her to see if that'll help.

A tinny bit of plain yogurt with her meals and apple cider vinegar baths should make a difference if it's yeast. I'll put her cone back on and see if there is improvement there.

Thank you for the suggestion!

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