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Daisy is a mix chihuahua puppy about 10 weeks old. Why can't she stop Diarrhea.

She had parasites a few weeks ago.  Was given medication to get rid of them.  Also metronidazole for the diarrhea.  It hasn't helped.  She then started having seizures a week ago.  Now on phenobarbital.  Controlling the seizures.  Still has Diarrhea.  Vet prescribed metronidazole again.  She is now shaking and not feeling well and still has diarrhea.  She only weighs 2 lbs or so.  She doesn't like Pumpkin. Tried that for the diarrhea.  Taking her off the Metronidazole.  Vet has taken tests waiting for results.  May have Distemper.  She had her first shots 2 weeks ago.  Not sure if that is a false positive for Distemper.  Getting very concerned for her.  Any ideas??
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Poor puppy. I am not sure what is going on but keep talking and getting advice from your vet.  My dog when a puppy had lots of diarrhea too.  She came from a place where she was sick when I got her, had fleas and parasites.  I hope your dog doesn't have distemper.  My dog had diarrhea daily and then a very sensitive stomach for a long time.  Seemed like if she ate any food she'd get diarrhea and then it became if she ate anything different, she'd get it.  Good news though as eventually this completely stopped.  She now can eat just about any junk she finds  (dogs!) or I give her.  She's got an iron stomach at this point so she outgrew that sensitivity.  

Anyway, don't give treats and stay with the same kibble at all times.  But let me know about the distemper test.  
I'm happy your puppy grew out of it.  Unfortunately my puppy did have distemper.  We had to put her to sleep last Friday.   Broke my heart.
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I am so sorry about the loss of your little dog, DaisyMaeSweetie.

You did everything you could for her, got her puppy shots, everything.
But distemper is  a cruel disease.
Bless her little Soul xx
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Oh no!!  I am very VERY sorry to hear about your pup. So sad.  Yes, you did what you could.  hugs
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Hi .. sorry to hear this painful separation... Myself also undergoing same situation.. Hello.. I am from India and am completely devastated with my seven and a half yrs old male pug died today on 02 July morning at 8.15 am . My pug during it's life stayed healthy, not at all obese and very active and playful till four days before he passed away. It's yearly vaccination schedule has always been up to date. Off late four months back it had a sort of seizure once in a week when it use to just lie aside without any movement and after few seconds use to get up and get fine absolutely. We took her to a vet who suggested medicine and after that it did not had any seizure untill five days before he passed away he had a similar seizure and I was near him talking to him, after a minute plus he got up and was absolutely fine. Next day we took him to vet and he said nothing to worry. At the time of this particular seizure  my son with whom he is attached was present who has come on a two months vacation from his college and  left for his hostel next day. And that day (fifth day )  my pug started showing weakness symptoms like ate little food and the next day stopped taking any food but was drinking water as and when he felt so but urination also reduced . We rushed to vet doc again and he said it's because of gastro problem so he gave injection shots of gentamicin 1 ml + onderstrone 0.5 ml + ranitidine 0.5 ml for next two days ...my pug was somewhat ok after that but again stopped food intake and little water intake only and urine once a day during these two days. Third day when it stopped urinating also I rushed to vet doc and he administered saline 30 ml + pantroprazole inj and ranitidine injection after which my pug vomited and passed stool at his clinic itself . Then we got him home and evening it started showing laborious breathing,then we rushed to another vet doc and showed him and also told him about the medication given ...he said medication given was ok and checked for any symptoms and said heart and pulse rate is normal and a little 102 temp is there because if saline infusion. We bought the pug back to home that evening with a schedule to take him to a vet hospital next day for complete checkup which is located at a distance of one hour and since it opens in morning. This particular fourth night/early morning at 1 am I checked my pug to check if he is ok and noticed that he urinated (wetted himself) and was almost labouring for breathing. Till morning we were next to him feeding him little drops of glucose with syringe which he was not interested to take inside .. Morning at 7.30 am it started gasping for air and I rushed to get myself ready for taking him to that vet hospital and around 8.15 it took its last breathe with urination and little stool passed with tongue jutting out half with clenched teeth and it left us forever. Not able to understand what went wrong. Why the vets failed to diagnose exact problem..why in a span of six days from the state of absolutely being healthy it deteriorate drastically and finally on sixth day it passed away . Please also note that during these last five days there was a peculiar foul sort of smell on my pug for which that vet doc said is gastro smell . This gastro problem occured last month also but it became ok with sucrasuphate syrup within two days of administration. That time also similar foul smell was there .

I know I cannot get my pug back and am crying since he left today and so is my family but nothing can be done now except to ask experts what went wrong .
I'm so sorry.  I know how heartbroken  you are.  My heart hurts.  They are members of our family and we love them so much.  You did everything you could.  
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