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Diabetic dogs brother sister 6 months apart

I have 2 diabetic dogs, 12 yr old Min Pins (not typical tiny Pins, when young their weight was 18/19 lbs female and 20/21 male). My female, Teaka, was diagnosed in March 2012. She was 29 lbs and is now 22.5  lbs.  My male, Tyson, just diagnosed on Aug 9/12 was 27.5 lbs and is now 24.5 lbs. I have been feeding them 1/3 cup boiled chicken or beef (shredded) & once a week low sodium tuna plus 2/3 cup steamed broccoli and cauliflower (pureed with water added) at 8am and 8pm. Depending on their blood glucose, I check with a glucometer, they also get 1/3 cup Royal Canin Med Aging dry kibble. The insulin we use is Levimir, each dog gets 1 unit at meal time.  The cost of the food is getting expensive.  Is there other vegetables I can add to the diet and what proteins can I feed them?
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