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My 11 yr old yorkie is having mucus stools. Vet gave her metronidazole. To no avail. Both yorkies have eaten flint river pup food until about 2 months ago I changed them to senior formula.  Vet also gave pro pectalin pills.  No good. I started her on plain rice today and will try pumpkin.
I am very frustrated with my vet as he seems not to explore many possibilities. I have read most posts and sounds as though probiotics could be in the answer pool
Many thanks and hope you can give me some ideas.  Tearing my heart out.  She seems to play with her sister but loosing nutrients I am sure with this problem
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You might also try feeding your girl THREE times a day
this would be less stressful on her system,you would
take the SAME AMOUNT of food you are feeding twice
a day and feed her "breakfast,lunch and dinner" in three
meals.( I feed my fur kids twice a day,morning and night
but when one or more has tummy problems I go down
to three times a day.)
Try giving her a tablespoon or two of plain yogurt with live
cultures (no added sugar, flavorings, etc). Yogurt contains
probiotics which can help to keep her gastrointestinal tract
healthy. (Our dogs all have yogurt mixed in their evening
meal,every day,a tablespoon each night.)
I hope this somehow helps your little one,I have had Yorkies
for over 30 years now,two years ago I was given a Biewer
Yorkshire Terrier from my husband,Biewer's are tri-colored.
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When you changed your dogs to a different food was it also
"Flint River Senior" or a different brand?
When did your girls start to have her mucus stools and does
she have diarreha- very loose,runny more liquid,like a thick
pudding or with shape but not firm?
Too much protein can also create this problem.
You may wish to add cooked rice & veggies to her food.
This has helped all of my animals.
you could also add pumpkin or sweet potato to diet as well
& we did well with this.
It is NOT unusual for normal stools to have some "mucus"
on it,the mucuc is made by the intestines and help keep
the lining in the colon moist and lubricated..HOW MUCH
mucus do you see?Many times,once in awhile on a firm
stool I have seen the stool coated with mucus for a day
or so,the first part of the stool is solid with form,the end
is a bit softer.
Has your girl had a full CBC ( blood test done ) in the
past 6 months,as our fur kids get into their older ages
it's good to do a check on what's going on.
Has she been checked for worms & parasites since
this started this issue with her stools?
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