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Diet for large dog or German Shepherd ?

Anyone recommend any particular food for a large dog or specefically a G.S. - or suggest a "cookbook" for homemade and suggest any additives or vitmains that may be good for preventitive measures and keep him in good health.

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Are you looking for general nutrition info or does your shepherd have a medical issue?  You might contact the German Shepherd Dog Club of America for specific dietary needs for Shepherds.  Don't forget your vet as a resource either.  There are many excellent commercial foods available nowadays - I'm partial to Royal Canin - so don't reject them out of hand simply because they are mass produced.  If you do decide to make your own dog food, you'll definitely need to include a daily multivitamin.  Many recipes don't always provide for good overall nutrition.  If your dog is under 14 months, he's still considered a puppy because he's still doing the majority of his physical growing.  Pups have different nutritional needs that adult dogs.  Missing Link is a great vitamin but can sometimes be difficult to find in pet stores.  Since GSDs tend to have hip and knee issues as they get older, a vitamin that includes glucosamine and chondroitin might be a good choice for your dog.

Hope that helps a bit, and good job for trying to do the best thing for your dog.  :-)
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thank you, ill keep an eye for that on this side of the pond....
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i have a weimeraner i have had endless trouble with her diet and finally have found something, i was making fresh chicken for her which proved very time consuming and expensive then i found frozen meats, they come in blocks of 400g chicken, beef, lamb, fish, tripe, they have to be cooked but i jus bang it in the microwave for 6 mins let it cool simple as that. i mix it with a handful of vitalin. i feed her twice a day and touch wood she has  been fantastic
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