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Do dogs boarding affect my dog badly?

Hey there,
Hey there, Last April I bought a dog named Lara. She is a charming dog and makes my days colourful. I always take her for walks, travel with her and provide all the facilities that I could do. She is only attached to me in my family and love to spend time with me only. I recently got a job, and I'm working from home. I rarely get time to spend with her.

One day, I noticed her lying on my bed and whining as I could not properly take care of her. I felt pretty sad and decided to do something for her soon.

When discussed with my friend, he suggested sending her to a dog daycare center where she will be engaged in activities and not be lonely anymore.
I'm confused about whether sending her to a dog boarding will affect her badly!
Has anyone here have any experience in sending your dogs to daycare centers in your hectic life? Please feel free to share your experiences and opinions regarding this.
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Yes, they feel bored, and feel we are shutting them out when we have work to do. I do recall. I used to have to run a business online from  home, which involved daytime work but also evening work.

The only one good thing about my own situation was -so long as I did what had to be done, it didn't really matter what time on the clock it was when I did it. Plus I could work hours that fitted with my dog to a certain extent. We went for lots of walks.

I can imagine you try to do your best for Lara -take her for walks etc. But a strong young dog (depending on temperament and breed) can keep going most of the day. So I guess she's bored.

You have a few options. One of them is doggie daycare. I have never used it, but can magine it definitely helps their social skills, so long as they are dogs who like the company of other dogs. It doesn't suit every dog.
Also you would need to see the place for yourself, and know you can trust the people who work there. Look at reviews etc, listen to word of mouth or social media recommendations or criticisms.
Or ask if you can attend with Lara, just to feel out whether it might suit her. They might let you?

Another option if you have the funds for it, would be to employ a reliable and trustworthy dog walker/daytime companion? Even for a couple of hours might make the difference, so Lara comes home after some adventures, and is happy to rest for a few hours?

I would say -if ou can do this -get her day bed into the same room as the one you work in, so she can see you. Teach her to stay and wait (kindly and with positive reinforcement) Maybe get her some safe toy that interests her while you work.

My girl would easily lie on her bed and stay when I asked her to....but just a glance at her sad fed up face was enough to make me feel guilty! So I completely understand.

And of course, a dog who is well exercised and has a routine they can trust, will more easily settle down and leave you time to get on with work.
So I would suggest an early srart (yes I know -not a lot of fun when you have a hard work day ahead) -and a very good walk. If possible, some games outside (frisbee or ball etc) get her running and burn off some of her energy. I would say an hour before work.

Then at lunch break -sorry -another one. And another (perhaps just a game in your garden or even in the house?) when you take a coffee break....and then again when you finish for the day.

But doggie daycare is not a bad idea -especially for her social life! If she is happy,  you find she likes it, and you trust the place.

Good luck!
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