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Does pancreatitis cause all this?

My 10 year old schnoodle was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis. Tests showed many of her organs were swollen and inflamed and her heart was not beating properly. This was only a about 10 days ago. She is still recovering, but to my alarm, I find her vision has also suddenly deteriorated. What could possibly have caused all of these things to go so wrong so fast? She has been a very healthy dog all of her life, until this. I can't imagine why everything has gone wrong at once. Please help.
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Pancreattitis is a very common problem seen in schnauzers and can cause many secondary complications however eye sight abnormalities are not one of them. Partial blindness is either an eye issue (cataracts, detached retina, glaucoma etc.) or is a neurological issue (stroke, optic nerve infection etc.).
another detailed examination from your vet will be needed and they may end up referring you to a vet neurologist or a vet opthalmologist.
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Thank you for that. She is going in today for check up so our Vet can have a look at her eyes. I appreciate your comments very much!
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Hello.....It's possible that this has been a chronic case of undiagnosed Pancreatitis that has now lead to Diabetes....... Did this show up on any of her tests?  Diabetes can cause sudden blindness & can be a result of the Pancreatitis....Just a thought....I do hope she's doing better....Please, let us know.......Karla
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It is possible, though she showed none of these symptoms until very recently. I suppose that makes the most sense though.
Her check up at the vet's yesterday was very disappointing. Her heart murmur is  growing worse and her pain level has increased. She now on prednisone and pain meds but is slowing down and seems to have lost most or all of her eyesight. Our vet has recommended taking her to special hospital for more tests, but the cost is not within our means... Her other recommendation is that we begin to consider her quality of life and perhaps let her go. We are heartbroken.
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Hi Andrea- Sorry to hear about your dog. Did the vets ever find the cause? I hope it was reversible?

The exact same thing happened our friend's cat recently and he too had acute pancreatiis with ascites! Both happened more or less simultaneously, or at least when ascites more noticeable. So would appreciate your input.
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