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Dog Behavior Problems...

My dog is a 10yr old Husky-Keeshound fixed female. We have had her for 9 years. She is very active and energetic. She was a stray we adopted from the shelter. She is house trained and pretty well trained over-all but every now and then she pees on our bed or couch...mostly the bed. We think it is when we are not home and she gets scared for some reason. Loud bangs terrify her. Fireworks, gunshots (hunters, we live near woods) , thunder....she will freak out, go around and paw at things, knock stuff over and won't sit still. And that is when we are home. I think the peeing is happening when we are not home and something scares her. We can't lock her in a room because she has dug a hole through a door before, she hates closed doors too! If we put her in a crate we would probably come home to one bloody dog with no nails left as she would try to dig or chew her way out. What can we do to keep her from peeing on the bed and/or couch?? Yes she sleeps with us, has for 9 yrs. She is our baby but it is getting frustrating to come home to my bedside garbage knocked over and a pee-soaked bed! Any suggestions???
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Cover any thing she pees on tightly with foil, or plastic you can get large sheets of bubble wrap at office stores or any other thing she doesn't like to walk on. Pain in the butt, but what else can you do. Dogs don't usualLy walk willingly onto new surfaces.

There are also health reasons dogs will start to pee on things, have a full urinalysis and bloodwork done by your vet, She is at the age where kidney or bladder stones could be a problem.

Good luck
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It sounds like you love her very much and that always goes a long way with these problems.  I agree with the above comment that she should be examined by a competent vet. to see if there might be a physical reason for the behavior.  

Also, is a dog door an option so that she can go outside when you're gone?  

If there is a lot of commotion in your neighborhood (loud noises, etc) you may have to resort to medicating her to calm her down if no physical reason is found.  I hate medicating my dogs in July for the fireworks but it helps keep them calm.

Best of Luck
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She actually DID have a complete work up about a month ago because she had to have minor surgery to remove a benign lump on her gums and they ran every test possible to make sure there was nothing wrong before they did the procedure. They said she is very healthy. I have a feeling this is behavior related as she doesn't do it all the time. There have been days it thundered pretty bad while I was at work and I KNEW she was gonna pee...and she did. Doggie door is NOT an option as our yard is not fenced in and she would take off!!! We are saving up for a fence, our yard is huge! We have a mattress protector that has saved our mattress MANY times! I actually put it OVER all the bed covers this morning, just in case.
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