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Dog Bite Wound

Another dog recently bit my dog. He has a small, semi-deep puncture wound. I shaved the area, washed it thoroughly with running warm water, and then rinsed it with diluted betadine. I'm leaving the wound undressed to allow for drainage.

Here is a picture of it. Should I do anything more, such as neosporin or a topical anti-biotic?
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I can't see a picture but yes, I would Neosporin it and watch for infection.  Pus, swelling, excessive redness, etc.  There is not much one can do for a puncture except antibiotics if it does indeed become infected.  From personal experience most punctures swell up, with the tissue becoming fluid filled around it.  Then a day or so later it will completely drain.  If that happens and it *does not* drain, a vet appointment is needed.  Hope that helps!
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I had a similar experience with my Wolfhound. Had to take him to Vet for abscess  ended up on Ant-biotics for 14 days.  Should have taken him in earlier.  would have been cheaper,
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