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I just got a new puppy after having to put my 14yo dog down. The dog is on Nutrisource puppy food, which the store sent home with it. Is this a good brand of food or should I wean her off this and go with something better?
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Why Would I want BHT in my Dog Food?

BHT or BHA is a preservative used in commercial pet foods and it basically preserves the animal fat content quite plainly so it does not rot in the dog food bag or can. It is also called Thoxyquin which does not sound very appetizing to people.  The history of Ethoxyquin dates back to the fifties where it was used to kill weeds as a herbicide and it was a chemical used to make rubber more stable.

As a preservative it keeps old food preserved longer and that has to do more with shelf  life and not your dog’s health. BHA is more for the manufacturers to sell it to grocery stores so it can sit on the shelf longer than other foods.

What does Ethoxyquin do for your dog? Well it can kill it. People who work in the rubber business and were exposed to Ethoxyquin contracted skin cancer, blindness, leukemia, diarrhea and liver damage.  In animals it can kill their immune system which is their only defense against diseases.  It causes kidney cancers and makes stomach tumors or colon tumors and the Department of Agriculture lists it as a pesticide. Yes you will find BHA in poor cheap dog food at Discount stores.

This is a chemical preservative that your dog is ingesting at every meal for years and years. Your dog will consume pounds of Ethoxyquin in its food approximately 27 pounds in its life time. Doesn’t sound very healthy does it?

You wonder why pet owners buy this food at all but most do because it is cheap. It is cheap in its ingredients but is it safe?  It all depends on how long you want your dog to live? Dogs can live 25-30 years but today the average life span of a dog is 13-14 years.  The best advice is to buy only certified organic food for your dog, and ensure that it does not contain BHA, or corn, or wheat or by products.  Pet foods are not supposed to contain chemicals that kill your dog. They are not supposed to contain harmful ingredients that damage your dog’s kidneys.

The only way to buy dog food today is with a magnifying glass as you read the ingredients.  

Sorry John (But I had to! )     ;)                      ..................Karla
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I guess I better read the ingredients of the Bil-Jack liver treats I'm using for housebreaking.
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Your Welcome Ginger! ........Some companies try to sneak things in hoping we won't read the package label..........I buy nothing online or in the store till I read the ingredients list......I usually end up putting things back on the shelf (Or out of the shopping cart) & shaking my head in disgust.....I make treats & muffins (Blueberry; their favorite) myself, too.........I'm glad you noticed your treats.......Karla
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Thanks actually....you got me to read the ingredients VERY carefully of the little treats I was giving my dog up until last 2 weeks ago!
When I am feeding her a good main meal food with no nasties I was STILL giving her these treats, and hadn't read what they contained....
guess what? I put my reading glasses on and took a good look, for the first time, at that very small print.....DIGEST, ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS, and a few weird chemical words.
But thanks so much. I bake her treats myself now.
Never again will I let her eat any of that C**p!
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NutriSource Pet Food has done a poor job of making healthy dog foods. Healthy dog foods do not include needless grains and other pet health
damaging ingredients.

Brewer's rice and brewer's dried yeast are by-products of beer production. There you go, your little pet gets what is left over after a beer run, the stuff not fit for human consumption.

Poultry Fat - Used to encourge pets to eat a product the pet would normally not eat. NutriSource does not tell us what type of Poultry.

Beet pulp is another cheap filler used by pet food companies. "Beet Pulp" sounds good, doesn't it? Well it's not. Just because Grandma told us we had to eat our beets as kids doesn't mean it is good for our dogs. Grandma didn't take the nutrients out of the beet and leave us just the dried fiber to eat, did she? Beet pulp is junk.

Fermentation Products - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Sugars are the common substrate of fermentation, and typical examples of fermentation products are ethanol, lactic acid, and hydrogen. However, more exotic compounds can be produced by fermentation, such as butyric acid and acetone. Yeast carries out fermentation in the production of ethanol in beers, wines and other alcoholic drinks, along with the production of large quantities of carbon dioxide.

You thought I was about done with this review, didn't you? Nope, I'm not going to end the review as of yet, not without telling you about the manure this company decided to include in the pet food for your pet, Animal digest. AAFCO doesn't care that manure is included in the pet food as long as the temperature at the time of cooking is brought to a certain degree.

Now there are those people out there who simply refuse to believe a pet food company would use manure in their pet's foods. Let me ask you to think on this issue for just a minute and then see what you decide. Let's take a person, for instance, When a person begins the "digestion" process food is placed in the mouth for chewing. Digestion continues as the food passes to the stomach and is broken down to pass into the intestines for further digestion. Digestion is complete once the person has had a bowl movement and fully evacuated the food from the human body. Why would obtaining human digest be any different from animal digest?

Pet food producers are using ingredients unfit for human consumption which are killing our pets. The ingredients in pet food must be changed!

The use of Corn, Wheat, and Soy are causing such awful conditions in pets including:

•Dry and itchy skin
•Ear aches
•Ear infections
•Hot Spots on the skin
•Bad breath
•Dental disease
•Hair loss
•Sore feet
•Abnormal nail growth
•Weight gain
•Moles and warts
•Heart conditions
•Kidney conditions
•Liver conditions
•Early pet death
These companies need to be held accountable for the injuries to our pets and our best friends early deaths............

There you go John, I copied this off a food forum...........Hope this answers your question.......Karla
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