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Dog Rash

I recently took my dog to the kennel and they gave him a bath there. When I got him home his back was very sensitive and he wouldn't allow me to touch it. I rinsed him down and he hated it and would not let me touch his back at all. When I finally got a chance to look at a spot on his back there was a sore there that looked like it was slightly bleeding. What should I do and how can I help him?
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Is it a place on his back that he can reach? Like able to chew and do it himself? it could be a hot spot. Or, if it isn't reachable by his mouth he could have been bitten by another dog, wounded himself somehow in the kennel etc..

One of mine has a hot spot on tail from time to time and hates me cleaning and putting meds on it, but if yours is very sensitive to touching his back etc.. he may have been hurt, I would think about taking him to a vet maybe, just to be sure there isn't any more damage underneath on his spine, or any infection with so many other animals at kennels you never know.
Where is it located exactly? And can you explain the sore any further? What it looks like, size, etc..

Teresa ; )
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It is in places he can reach and places he can't. I have another dog that gets hot spots and it isn't that. He wasn't in contact with any other dogs at the kennel. The spot was smaller then a dine but it was really hard to get a good look. He is quite big and strong and is in pain. The spot I looked at wasn't even the most sensitive spot. At first before I found a spot I thought it could have been an injury on his spine, but the spot was closer the side of his shoulder blade. I also thought it could have been from going in and out of the doggy door at the kennel, but it seems more like a rash from something he was washed with. I really don't know. Also the kennel is well know for being very clean and good. They have never had any problems and have been around for more then 10 years. I thought it was from the bath because he has never received a bath outside of me.
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He certainly could have had a reaction to what they bathed him with. Do you know what is was? If it was flea & tick shampoo, something medicated like that could do it. really any shampoo he might be sensitive to the ingredients.
There are so many skin issues w/ dogs, Allergy's etc. with bacterial pyoderma's, fungal infections..... that are red and itchy and bleed and so on...

You could put some anti biotic ointment on like neosporin, Benedryl also comes in a cream form if it's itchy or the tablets themselves. My boy's have allergy's and get Benedryl, 1mg per lb of doggie. But without really knowing I would probably stick to the topical ointments. there are skin conditions which are contagious. Doesn't matter how clean the kennel is, if another dog had it and they didn't see it could be spread to your pup. just like Kennel Cough being spread in the kennels, and anywhere else really that another dog has it.
oatmeal is very good for some skin conditions. they have a lot of shampoos w/ it or you can just make your own "paste" out of regular oatmeal soaked in some water then you can put into a cut off pantyhose and apply to the area's for 10-20 minutes to soothe it. Or also can buy one of the Aveeno oatmeal creams and put that on, or the store brands which are cheaper.

But with being in a kennel w/ other dogs and now having this, if it doesn't clear up in a day or so, as it should if was just a reaction to a bath, I would get him to a vet to be sure. And call the kennel and ask what was used. Flea & tick shampoos can be very irritating and have side effects for some pups.
If there are any signs of it getting worse, take him right away.

Hope your baby is feeling better soon, sending him hugs & smooches. And please let us know how he is doing.
Take care, Teresa ; )
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