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Dog Treats that are actually HEALTHY to give your dog!

I was curious, is there any treats out there that are safe to feed your dog?  I've been researching toxins in dog treats/food!  And what I found is just shocking!  So, many that are on shelves today, dogs are getting sick or it will cause health probelms down the road.

I'm thinking of making my own dog treats.   I don't even know where I should get a reciepe from.

Any help?  

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I have bought rice bones for a decade or longer for my dogs. They are almost nothing other than boiled white rice that are flavoured with natural ingredients (chicken or beef) dried into a bone shape - and my dogs love crunching on them. They are not fattening and have no artificial colours or flavourings, sugars or other bad things. I buy them in the UK at Pet Planet. They aren't particularly cheap, but the expense is very worthwhile given some of the dreadful ingredients of most shop-bought pet treats. I'm sure you could make these quite easily, though it would probably take a bit of tria and error initially. Tony
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There are thousands of recipes online....Cookie types, muffin types, dehydrated meats (You make yourself).....The possibilities are endless....

What makes these safe? You know exactly whats in them by making them yourself.......

Just google "Dog treat recipes" & go from there....Good for you to want to make a healthier decision for your fur-kid.......Karla
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Dead easy! Just get a piece of nice lean meat or liver. Cook it (boiling is best as no fat is used in cooking it) When it's cooked, just cut it up into tiny pieces. Then you can keep it in a tupperware box, or a jar in the refrigerator (don't keep it for more than 3 days) If you need some treats for training, or out walking, just transfer some to a plastic bag to put in your pocket.

Some dogs love a carrot to chew on. I had a dog once who LOVED carrots. In moderation it won't do them any harm at all.

Tiny pieces of apple make good healthy treats. But don't forget, fruit acids can get to your dog's teeth, so clean them at least 3 times a week (don't brush immediately after they eat apple, wait a while)

I knew a vet once who used to bake (fairly thick) slices of wholemeal bread on the lowest possible setting in his oven, so they baked extra crunchy. His dogs loved pieces of this as treats. But as bread mostly contains salt, home made bread might be best, so the salt can be left out (dogs shouldn't have too much salt -if any, apart from natural salts in meat)
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I make VERY easy treats for my puppy from sliced calves or beef liver.

I buy a package of sliced liver, it usually has four slices in it.  It's REALLY cheap, usually about $.98.  I put water in a saucepan, put the liver into it, bring it to a boil, and let it boil until the liver is cooked.  Then I take the liver slices and put them on a cookie sheet and put a TINY little bit of salt and pepper on them.  I then put the cookie sheet into a pre-heated 250 degree oven and bake them for about 2 or 3 hours until the slices are very dry and dessicated.  Let it cool and it's ready to go.  I usually cut them into tiny cubes to use for training treats.  Even the cats go nuts over them!  I know some people who make this and sprinkle it with garlic before they put it into the oven to dessicate it but I don't use the garlic because even though it's supposed to be safe for dogs and cats to eat, garlic IS part of the onion family and onions are EXTREMELY toxic to dogs and cats, so I just leave out the garlic and use the tiniest bit of salt and pepper instead.

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