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Dog ate dental floss! Need help!

I came home today (about a few hours ago) to find a chewed up case for dental floss, with the floss no where to be found. I have 3 dogs, two of which are likely culprits. I assume my 10 month old Australian shepherd ate it, but I also have a 2 year old Entlebucher Mountain Dog mix that could have done it. I don't know if I should just see if the floss passes, which I don't think it will, or take my dog for surgery. If surgery is the option, the only problem is I don't know which dog ate the floss. I'm very afraid that the floss will get tangled in one of the dog's intestines, and BAD things will happen, like death. Please! Somebody help! I love all my dogs very much! :'(
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Hi Julia.....Must have been tasty floss! :)  I think it will pass....Just watch the 2 culprit's stools. I personally would dig through it w/a stick or garden shovel until I found the floss...It may take a couple of days.....Keep us updated......Karla

P.S. I've had a dog that ate all kinds of foreign objects. These were shown in his stomach (By xray). My Vet suggested I give him Cat-Lax (For hairballs in cats). You can purchase this at any pet store....I was told to squeeze about a 2-3 inch strip on my finger and place it in the roof of his mouth....As he licked & licked, the product is swallowed and it coats the object...Because it's greasy, it helps to slide it through the intestinal tract....
I then started counting things that came out in his stool.....Finally ended up with the number of things that were seen on Xray.  :)

Anyway....Just a thought.  Take care, Karla

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If you don't see anything in his stool in the next day or two, call your vet and run it by him.  It's possible that you may see a piece of the floss hanging out of his, well, ahem, rectum.  If you do, you can try to give it a gentle tug and if you don't have any resistance AT ALL and it comes out easily, then keep it up until you have pulled the length of floss from his rear.  If there is any resistance, take him to the vet and let the vet remove it.  There is always the possibility that it has become entangled or wrapped around something and you don't want to just yank it out because you could cause internal damage.  Best to let the vet handle it if it doesn't come out in a poop or you can't gently tug it out yourself.  Please let us know what happens.

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