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Dog attack

My dog (a pug) was attacked a couple of days ago - she seemed fine. We washed the cuts and she has been eating normal - she's been a little sore. Today though she has been very sluggish and her right shoulder has started swelling.  Is there something I can do for her at home to reduce the swelling?
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If she was bitten (and she probably was) she could well have puncture wounds. These deep ones are notorious for getting badly infected. While the swelling in her shoulder could be just bruising, if it's a puncture wound turning nasty, she could be in a bit of trouble.
You could definitely treat the swelling with ice packs, but I do think a trip to the vet for a thorough check-over is a good idea.
Puncture wounds don't always show very much on the surface. Sometimes all that can be seen is a tiny scratch, but underneath the infection can build up, so get her checked out.
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could not agree more with ginger899, a visit to the vet (if financial reason involved which seems to be a current situation for many, there should be free of charge or cheap animal hospitals... I know there are some around where I live. I would assume where you are too... your vet office should be able to guide you) if anything, try to get the dog checked out. that's really what you can do right now!!!!

Good luck, do keep us updated when you can.

Hoping your baby will heal quickly,

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My main concern was getting her through the night until we could get her to the vet this morning. We took her in and they are treating her now.  Thanks for the responses.
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Oh good.  I was going to agree with ginger too.  Always have to worry about infection and/or abscess.  Hope all turns out well.
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My 13 year old lab mix was bit on the shoulder over a week ago, he is doing a lot better but there is a small hard lump a few inches from the puncture in his arm pit, I've been treating it 3 times a day with hot compresses then hydrogen peroxide and triple antibiotic as well, the lump has gotten smaller and drained after the compresses, I know ideally he should see a vet but due to a bad experience he freaks out anytime we go there and I don't want to put him through that if I don't have too , his wounds are healing and he barely limps now, can a vet visit be avoided ?
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