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Dog bathing

How often should I give my Terrier mix dog a bath? Is once per month too often? Vet said it was ok (but no more often than that). I just wanted to double check with the community.
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My opinion is that a dog shouldn't be bathed too often. Too much bathing strips the natural oils, and dries out the skin. Also, bathing products are not good for a dog.
Of course, that depends....some dogs may need special bathing because they have skin conditions, and need medicated wash.
Some dogs roll in the most foul things, and need to be bathed for that reason!
But I very rarely gave my dog a bath. When I say rarely, then probably three times a year. She had the most healthy skin, lovely fur, and smelled natural and normal,  sweet-smelling, but like a natural dog.
She walked in the rain and when I got back I would wash/wipe down her underbelly, legs and feet, to get any mud off. I used wet kitchen paper, followed by a towel-down to dry her off. The rain water freshened her and made her fur so soft.
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