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Dog coughing

12 years old cocker spaniel. Normally fit and healthy. Has suffered from a dry hacking cough for 2 years. Persistent and seems to have got worse in the cold weather. normal inoculations but not kennel cough. coughs several times and then seems to have to dig into his throat for a final clearing cough although nothing is produced. Has no heart problems. is running around on his walks like a 2 year old. Does not cough as much when out walking. My vet seemed to think it was nothing and he has suffered from little warts, one of which had to be taken off in an operation. Found nothing in his throat then. lives inside and is looked after. Has anyone any ideas
Dennis Clarkson
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Many thanks re Teddy - will see what the vet says
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Good morning...it sounds like your little cocker has a great life with you!

Ask you veterinarian if this could possibly be a "reverse sneeze".   The signs you describe don't fit the description of a reverse sneeze perfectly, but it is possible that is what he is doing.

Some owners describe the reverse sneeze as a "goose honking" kind of cough.

Glad to hear that he is living a good life with you.   Keep up on his examinations and he will continue to be with you for awhile yet!

Take care!

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