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Dog diagnosed with lymphoma

I have an 11yr old dashund/beagle that was diagnosed with lymphoma.Its been a month and his lympnodes have gotten bigger.Hes on steriods and antibiotics and hes getting worse.Hes had great days but hes starting to have breathing troubles,constantly panting from the steroids,weak and lethargic.He still eats well,goes to the bathroom well and is still by your side.It very hard to put him down.I see a loving dog but i also see a sick dog and hes just not a dog anymore.They say 6 weeks but there are some days he seems just fine but his nights have got bad since the panting keeps him up.Im at a loss cause i don’t want him to suffer but don’t want to lose him.Ive never had a dog that i had to put down and the vet talks about it but im having a hard time accepting it.Ive read all the responses and i wish i was as strong as you guys.Am i being selfish for wanting to hang on to him?
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Oh my gosh.  I'm so terribly sorry.  This hurts so bad.  We love our pets like they are family.  I know.  I really know.  I've had to put a dog down but it was clear when it was time.  I lingered wondering when and couldn't do it until  I just had to.  It was spontaneous . . . and I had called the vet prior saying that I was in this situation but didn't know when I could make that painful decision.  They said to just call when ready and it could be done right then.  This is what I did.  Woke up, new it was time and took her to the vet at 7 am.  They took care of the rest.  If you aren't ready, don't feel guilty.  As long as you don't feel he's in pain but just not doing what he used to do.  I wish cancer and lymphoma didn't exist.  I hate it.  You aren't being selfish.  You love your dog and you aren't ready. hugs to you.  Here to talk any time.
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