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Dog is dying?

I have a chihuahua, she is at least 9 yrs old. Yesterday she was doing fine , but when i wake up in the morning shes laying on her side breathing very hard, cant swallow or drink, doesn’t respond and is drooling heavily. I want to euthanize her so she doesnt suffer but i do not have the money at the moment. How long would it take her to naturally die
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This dog needs to see a vet. Only the OP says she is dying. She might not be. She might just be sick, and need a vet urgently.
I am sorry to say this, but a dog is your dear companion and friend, and no matter what, there should always be some money for emergency health issues.

Leaving her to (hopefully?) die is NOT an option. She could literally lie there for a week and pass simply from dehydration without medical treatment.

Please get her to a vet. Think of a way to find the money for that.

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Also she cannot walk or anything, i tried to put her on her feet but she falls
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