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Dog licking other dog's ear non-stop!

Ok so lately my chocolate lab Koa has been obsessed with licking my beagle/australian shepherd mix Ramblyn's ears. Ramblyn's ears are clean, he has no infection or anything. Koa also licks his eyes when he has eye boogers. And Ramblyn likes it. He lays on his back and lets Koa do it for like 10 mins if I don't stop them.

At first it was cute but now it is getting old. He does it constantly, even when Ramblyn is clean!!! Why does he insist on doing this? IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS!!
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If the behavior is not desirable, don't permit it.  

Stop Koa immediately with a loud "NO" accompanied by a physical touch (NOT a hit or smack, just a firm touch) to the shoulder to physically snap him out of it.
Redirect him to a chew toy or other allowed item and give praise when he engages the other item.

Be consistent and don't allow the behavior sometimes, yet not other times.  If you are consistent with interrupting the behavior, it will eventually cease.  If you are not  consistent, it will never stop.  
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Ok thank you. that's good advice.... I'll have to be more serious with him from now on.
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Our old dog Chica was most diligent at ear, eye and general face care for her pack mate Maggie.  Two or three times a day, Maggie got the full beauty treatment and loved it!  If she got tired of it after a few minutes, Maggie just got up and walked away.  No hard feelings.  The sad thing is that after Chica died, Maggie's ears started getting full of junk, so now we get to do the job at least every month.  We sure miss our Chica Pet.  :-)
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