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Dog play & Exercise

I want to teach my dog more tricks.  Something so she can get exercise.
  Is it hard to invent an obstacle course?  How about teaching her to run it?

She's great. Right now, she comes over if I want to pet her, & then I say,
"Go lay down ."  She knows & does it first try.

She can sit. Lay down she has trouble, sometimes only part way down & if I have to repeat, she just rolls over & paws in the air till I pet her tummy.  

  I think she's about 2 yrs old, we rescued her about a year ago.  Pamela
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Hiw fun that you and your dog enjoy this!

Have you gone through any basic obedience classes?  I recommend everyone take at least a basic obedience class.  If you have agility classes available, then you can go on to that.

I used to have a set of jumps but donated them.  You can easily make them.  You can hang tires to jump through.  Get a kid's play tunnel for the dog to run through.  Build a see saw, cover it with some carpet.  Look up agility equipment and get some ideas.

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