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Dog skin cancer

My 13 year old shih tzu has a black mark on her abdomen for the last few months - it has not been bothering her - she was in for an emergency hysterectomy a few weeks ago  but the vet did not pass any comment about the black mark until I went back for her check up after her operation a week later  - they then advised to have it investigated - I asked if the diagnosis was for skin cancer and they said due to her age they would not recommend chemo and that they would make her comfortable.
I opted to leave her alone - she has come through one serious operation and got through it fine and to be honest the mark is just above where they opened her so they did see it but chose not to do the biopsy when they were operating on her so I thought it was best to leave her alone rather than opening her for a second time but tonight it does seem to be bigger and there is a second one
Am I right to leave her alone - they won't do chemo if is skin cancer - I know it will spread quickly through her if she does have it - she is in great form but the only thing is that she is hungry all of the time - I asked the vet and he said it was because of the spaying but she is barking for food long before the feeding times that she has had for years

Am I right to leave her alone when they cannot treat her because of her age?
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The lump needs testing. They think it IS skin cancer? It could be biopsied, so you would know. It may need what's called an "incisional biopsy" where the lump is removed, but if she came through the emergency spay (I presume for Pyometra?) -she should sail through an anesthetic for the lump.

It might be good for you to know for sure if this is cancer? It all depends on what stage the cancer is at. Some cancers can be cured by surgery alone. Some do need follow-up chemo. But just in case it is cancer, and you do decide NOT to give her chemo, she could still have some good quality of life left yet. With supportive care and treatment.
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