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Dog stopped eating and all tests are normal

My dog who is 11 years old and used to love his food suddenly stopped eating almost 2 weeks ago.
At the first day or two, we thought he had an upset stomach although he had no throw up or diarrhea. We took him to the vet on his third day. They run blood and urine sample and all tests came back normal.
They did an X-ray thinking he might have a blockage. They did not find anything.
Two days ago, we took him for an abdominal ultrasound. They could not find anything either.
They checked his teeth and they looked ok.
He has no symptoms besides drinking more water than normal, being lethargic and of course not eating. All his kidney tests were normal so they rolled out any issues with that.
We put him on Metacam for couple days to see if it will help him eating if will ease his pain. But it did not and instead we got an unset tummy.
His diet previously was very healthy, consists of Ziwi kibbles and Raw Dehydrated Food along with some cooked human protein (chicken, beef, and pork) with nothing added to the protein.
I do not know what we can do to help him eating. Any suggestion or advice helps. Thanks.
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