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Dog sweating through bed and couch

I have a mix breed dog who is 10 years old, she had recently been diagnosed with lyme disease and is getting lethargic. For the past month she has been sweating when sleeping , she wakes to a wet dog bed and couch (the bed is on the couch) the sweat soaks through the bed and couch. Does anyone have any ideas what could cause this ? The wetness has no smell or colour. Please help !
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This is very strange. Dogs don't sweat like humans do, from the glands in their skin. They only sweat from  areas which have no fur -such as their noses, and paw pads.
Dogs do have sweat glands in the skin covering their bodies but these produce pheromones, rather than fluids (like human sweat.)
There is a condition known as "hyperhydrosis" (swaeting too  much) in  dogs, but it is not from the glands under their body skin, but from paw pads.

That is as far as I know anyway. I don't know everything of course. But this sounds quite strange.

Are you absolutely sure this isn't very very dilute urine which is soaking the bed and couch?
If the urine was very dilute it may not have much smell at all.
Is your dog drinking a lot in the day?

Another possibility is drool. It's possible for a dog to produce large amounts of drool  while sleeping.

I would say that if you are unsure of what's happening while your dog is on treatment for Lyme Disease, then the best thing is to get her seen by a vet -preferably the one who diagnosed Lyme and prescribed the treatment.

Poor doggy. Lyme is no fun. Is she on antibiotics for this?
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