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Dog with kidney masses

Going to start this discussion in the hope.my lovely boxer Amy lives a few months and to help others...

Amy is 7 yrs old... The mean norm for kidney issues in dogs is 8... Shes active, eating and showing no signs of issues save for...

Recently started refusing breakfast
Slight weight loss
Irregular rapid and shallow breathing... I used to nudge her to make sure she was still breathing.
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apologies.. Pressed wrong button.. As i was saying.....

Amy appears normal, but i took her to vet as the weight loss and non eatting in morning were not normal... The vet initially supposed spleen issue, but after scans it turned to kidney masses... Inoperable...

So begins my regular updates to help others and in the hope Amy survives a year... Thats now my hope... I can tell having watched her closely that whatever is happening is causing breathing to be shallow and rapid. As of today shes all ok.. Put her on hills kd and some vitamins.. Fingers crossed! More in a day or 2.. Already booked a holiday weekend away with her so she can chase the cows and be a boxer :)...
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You need to post at the Pet Health forum for dogs.

It's under forums on the top of this page.

This is the Undiagnosed Symptoms Community for humans.

Best wishes and I hope Amy gets better.

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Yes, we have a forum for dog owners, this place would be your best bet for help with your fur-baby.
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