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Dog won't eat and all tests normal

Someone please help! My 7 year old boxer stopped eating about 2 months ago. At first, she would miss a meal here and there but then finally stopped eating all together. She has been through every test imagineable. All her blood panels are normal. She does have a heart murmur but x-ray shows no enlargement of the heart. All chest and abdominal x-rays and ultrasounds are clear. Our next option was a barium radiograph and the vet found that her digestion is VERY slow but there are no blockages or tumors. Exploratory surgery found nothing and her recent test for Addison's came back negative. Our vet is stumped and our only other option is to send her to a university for an endoscope to test for IBD. That costs $2000 so we are hoping for any other solution from anyone. Right now, we are surviving on prednisone. That makes her hungry and she acts like her normal self. When we wean her off it, she stops eating again. Sorry for the VERY long post but I'm hoping someone has seen something like this before.
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She also has diarrhea.
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Hello & welcome ......

What are you feeding this girl? Name? How long has she eaten it?

There is a recent post on this forum that sounds like your problem.....It's about 10 questions down on this same page....It's titled: "Weak, Lethargic". Original post is dated Oct. 15.  Go read that and see what you think....Come back and let me know.....Karla

P.S. Digestive Enzymes make a world of difference with slow digestion...Also, loose stools.....You have had a fecal sample evaluated for parasites, right?  Parasites alone can cause the symptoms your describing.......Thanks....
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have you tried taking her to another vet to get a second opinion?
i just lost my dog last monday to liver cancer.  she used to be a voracious eater and then stopped eating and was became very picky... she would only eat roasted turkey and just the dark meat.  we tried all food imaginable (of course that are safe to dogs).  she was loosing weight fast and we don't know if b/c her liver was pressing on her stomach, we even tried feeding her small, frequent meals.  she would still throw-up... so the vet gave her zantac to prevent throwing up and reglan to speed up her digestion so she doesn't feel full all the time and would make her eat.  towards the end of her life, we didn't want to see her starve herself away and b/c she was still alert and otherwise active and after consulting with 3 vets, we decided to put a feeding tube on her to make sure she is still being fed.  i know this sounds drastic but my husband and i decided that unless she is in pain due to the cancer, we will not put her down and we will try to do everything we can as if she was human.
unfortunately, this past monday she passed away.  she had a cardiac arrest :(.
get a second opinion and don't give-up trying different things... it is good that you at least have prednisone to use.  good luck.  i hope you find some good help for your baby :)
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