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Dog wont eat and sleeps all the time

My dog is taking Gabapentin and Tramadol for an ACL injury.  He will not eat anything at all and sleeps the majority of the time.  He drinks some water from time to time and I've started giving him Pedialyte.  I have tried hamburger, rice, chicken, turkey meatballs, McDonalds hamburgers, treats, ground beef.....all of his favorites and nothing.  I can set the food next to him and I dont think he even smells it as he has no interest in it at all.  Not sure what to do.  Is this a common side effect of these medications?  He is a 7 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. I dont want to give up on him but I dont want him in pain or suffering either.
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The dose may be too high and the Tramadol may be upsetting his stomach.bith meds can have a sedating effect.
I would give your Vet a call and see if you can decrease the dose of Tramadol and ask for something to settle his stomach, even OTC Pepcid but do not change or add meds without speaking to your Vet. With the ulcer history, kind of surprised the Vet didn't give you something for his stomach.
Do mention the stool problem too.  
I woukd let his gut rest but see if you can get some electrolytes in him until you speak to the Vet.
Please come back and update and good luck.  Hope he is ok until tomorrow.
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And he just asked to go out AGAIN and I didn't let him because he was out for hours and my fault......he just pooped on my floor.  Dark color, runny and smelly.  Not as dark as when he had the stomach ulcer that was bleeding but probably headed in that direction from all the meds.  Vet says I need to get the pain meds in or he wont eat but I think he's not eating because his stomach hurts.  How do I coat his tummy enough to get him to eat?
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