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Doggy Pain and No Poo

I have an 11-year-old Cocker Spaniel who seems to be in a lot of pain. 1. She cannot get into a comfortable position when lying down. 2. I cannot touch her around the hips or belly. 3. She will not go poo. She tries to poo, but gives up after awhile.When I take her out she sits down or lies down instead of walking around and trying to do more than pee.  She always seemed to have a problem going poo, but she always managed to finish and come jogging back all happy.  Now she cannot poo at all. 4. She walks very slow and like it hurts to move. This started yesterday but has gotten worse today.
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She needs to see her Vet ASAP.....This could be a serious obstruction...Hopefully not, but you must get her in to see...Please let us know what you find out...Good luck, Karla

P.S. It's very possible that this is a disc/disk problem in her lower back...Will also give the same effects.....However, both are medically treated differently....
Both do create enormous pain!
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GO TO THE VET NOW.  It sounds like your dog has an intestinal blockage, which requires immediate attention.  This is FATAL if not treated. - Blu
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Agree with Karla and Blu,  my first thought was a disc issue but constipation can be life threatening.
Yes, definitely need to be checked.
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