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Dog's Swollen Lip

Our 1 1/2 year old German Shepherd mix has developed some sort of swollen thing on her bottom lip/chin area? Its swelling up, and I do not think she hit or cut herself?? Could anyone please let me know what this could be and what we should do for her? It feels like theres liquid in it maybe? Ir maybe just the muscle with a bump? Not sure...Thank you so much!
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Hello & welcome......Does it look like a bite or sting? Maybe a bee? Did you just notice it this morning or has it been coming on for a few days? Do you know?
As fast as it's swelling, it sounds like an allergic reaction to something.....Make sure you don't see a splinter, stinger, etc. in it, as you would need to get them out first.
Benedryl (OTC) is used for an allergic reaction...The dose is 1-2mg. per lb. every 8 hrs.
Start with this and see if it helps....

If not, it could be an abscess, then a trip to the Vet is warranted as it would have to be drained and oral antibiotics are given......Abscesses are VERY painful!
Good luck and keep us updated on her progress......Karla

I can see were she bite her lip but didn't notice it until just now
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my 5 months female rott she was perfectly well didnt fight didnt get out of home 2day but in less than 20 mins i found her muzzle swollen
i didnt change her diet its either propack or faro dry food
she is not on any medication
i'm so scared .... i made her drink water and washed her muzzle with cold water maybe it will help

why is that and what should i give her

plz help and reply asap
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my sheperd  bite her lip and its swollen. what can I do
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