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Tuesday we came out and didn't see Mia and when we found her she was underneath a savila plant really tucked in she didn't walk towards us or really move, I got her out put her down and she walked weak and noticed that she was very then, bathed her and she then pead very strong smell, then threw up clear liquid.She is wide awake but not as responsive  her eyes are a little red. That night she pead again on tile and noticed that it was very dark no oder.  The next day she had liquids only we gave her food and she spit it back out but she continues to take liquids only, she pead and it stunk really bad couldn't stand the smell at all and it had like a colt of some sort but the dog did not show any trace of blood at all. today she is just laying there,  Help?
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Two days is long enough to let your girl suffer.....These symptoms could be a number of things that only a VET could diagnose; NOT an online forum.
Please, seek treatment for her immediately....This may be something as simple as a UTI, but also could be something more serious...Either way, she needs professional treatment & medication....
She's sick & it's your responsibility to get her the care she needs...It's part of pet ownership!!!!   I hope she makes it!   Let us know what you find out...I'll be thinking about her & hoping for the best.....Karla
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pleae take her to the VET!!!!! it sounds like she may have eaten something poison!!!! my dog ate a penny when she wass just a pup and she had all the symptoms you described! she actually died and  my bo did mouth to mouth and he saved her life, we had to literally give her water from our mouth! the vet said we actually saved her life because we loved her so much and gave her the care she needed.  the penny she ate contained zinc, it was pennies made in a certain year range that had the zinc in them. i'm not saying that is what your dog has ingested, it could be anything! is the throw up frothy looking? does she have any loose stools and if so what color? PLEASE, PLEAE TAKE HER TO THE VET!!!!!!!!  PLEASE LET US KNOW THE OUTCOME! GOD BLESS--KBE234--sounds like she also dehydrated, is it hot where you live, do you leave her outside? she probably needs an iv fast!
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I absolutely do second what Misfits4Me told you just now.
Please do take her immediately to a vet. She does sound quite sick.
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hello, how is mia, did you get her to the vet? please let us know what is going on with her and how she is doing. god bless, kbe234
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Please take your dog to the vet.

Why on earth would you let your dog suffer this long without taking her to get checked out?

Dogs cannot speak (woof, woof;-) and rely on us to be vigilant when it comes to their health and safety.

Please don't drop the ball any more than you already have, and take her to the vet IMMEDIATELY.
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What is wrong with people, how can you let your dog be that sick. its beyond me i would never come on here and ask what to do. no my baby goes to her dr first sihn of being sick.  i just dont understand. if you cant or wont take care of them give them to someone who will, dont get a pet if you cant take care of them...
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Hello guys I am just wondering if you could maybe help in anyway as my jack Russell , female , 18 year old is breathing heavy and sometimes mainly through the night sounds as if she is struggling abit she is being like really lazy and not happy . She is usually barking and wagging her tail . But nothing she seems to be eating okay but just walking sluggish and was walking sideways yesterday . Can anyone help please ? Also I have gave here some calpol and she has perked up a little but none of the following have changed just a tad responsive . Thanks
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Hi. What to say, other than that 18yrs is an extraordinarily good age. She is a very elderly lady. I have a crossbreed who breathes heavy during the night (actually whenever he's in deep sleep). I wouldn't worry too much. Older dogs sleep alot and certainly aren't as perky as younger dogs. Just imagine a human that's 88yrs old ... as that's the human equivalent for a Jack Russell.

Walking sideways is another issue. It may be that she has some joint problems (quite likely) or may even have had a small stroke. Explain to your vet that she is having this issue and ask for a thorough examination.

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