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Doodle - stomach bloated some

My Honey is a 4 year old Golden Doodle. I have two other dogs Hannah 5 year old Golden Doodle, and Dakota who is a 5 month old mixed Rottie/Mastiff pup. Honey always played with Hannah and Dakota, now she is on the sofa and won't come down unless you take her out and try and feed her. All my dogs eat one of the top notch dog food's you can buy Fromm, Gold for Large Breed Dogs. She will not eat it, I have been cooking hamburger and rice, chicken and rice, and she will eat this. She is having bowel movements regular and peeing, so no blockages or UTI's. She was in her heat cycle and needs to be spayed, and no she is never near another male dog to be pregnant. When my dogs go out...They are always a leash, never left out of my sight. I also noticed she was limping on her hind leg, and holding it up. Put her on Doggy buffered aspirin for two days now and still having problems on and off. Second part of problem is with her heat cycles...she does not have normal heat cycles and yes I know she needs to be spayed. That is being done within the next week I hope. Not sure what could be causing her problems with no eating and being lethargic.
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How old are the other two dogs and how long have you had them?  Yes, hope you get her spay and not sure what you mean about her not having a normal cycle.  Some females in heat will go off their food.  Does she have a vaginal discharge? Any odor? Do you know how to take a rectal temp on a dog?  This might tell you if something is brewing.
Obviously, she is in pain and should probably be evaluated by a Vet and I hope this is not Dysplasia or an ACL problem. She could be off her food due to discomfort.
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Hi, Hannah is 5 years old and Honey is 4. Honey has had a few problems with her heat cycle in the past. She has always had some vaginal discharge after her heat cycle. No odor that I notice. Yes I know how to take temps on a dog and not always is she running a fever normal temp is between 101 and 102 and when she is...it's very low grade 103. She has now stopped limping around and when she gets around is moving ok although acting stiff when she get's up...I have added giving her glucosamine and chondroitin...I think it's a spay issue could be pyometra. She will be at the Vet on Monday (tomorrow), when I can afford to get her there. I am very very knowledgeable with dogs, and the reason's why Honey has not been spayed is every time I saved to have her done another dog of my son's took sick and had to help him. We also doctored with him because of lymes disease which he never got over. He was on predisone for over two years, because they misdiagnosed him. Said Cancer when it was Lymes and they didn't listen to us. Finally after a $280.00 ultrasound and blood work came back it confirmed the lymes disease but it already went into his joints and he never fully recovered, two years later he got a spleen tumor and we had to have him put down on 10/11/12. Not easy when you live on a very fixed income and my son was laid off and can't collect anymore. Doing the best I can ...thanks for your advice.
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