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Durable Pitbull toys

Does anyone know of a good chew toy for a pit bull that will last? I bought him a Kong for the 'aggressive chewer' and it was in pieces within an hour.
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Durable and heavy toys are probably your best bet.  Try a Google search for toys for Pitt bulls.  I saw some listed
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I have aggressive chewers and I find that the nylabone toys are the best.  Yes eventually they get stunted but they are flavored and are not destroyed in a matter of minutes.  Good luck and do share if you find something else that lasts for a while.  :)  
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Hi. I used to have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who loved the thick rope pully type toys. Although she would eventually get through them, it took a long time, and she would happily chew and play with them for hours. Because these toys are made up of individual threads, they last a little bit longer. Tony
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My bulldog loves the antler chews, he will chew on them most of the day.  I get him the larger ones and the will last a while, they are all natural also which is an added bonus.
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Thank you for all your suggestions. I have seen the antler toys but they looked sharp and maybe dangerous. They won't break or splinter off?
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Try goughnuts they're pretty tough and the company will replace it if you dog gets to the red center.
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Awesome, thanks!
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I have never had an antler splinter or break, I he just chews and chews until they are too small, then they get thrown away.  If you are going to try one, make sure you get a size appropriate one, I usually get the large or extra large.

I will check out the goughnuts chews also, sound like a great idea. :-)
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