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My mon's friend two months shiatzu got kicked by a men, she took the dog to the emergency room by they wouldn't see it because she didn't have enough money and they said the dog was going to die overnight I'm just wondering what can she do to make the doggie feel better with less pain
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Go online and look up financial assistance for vet care.  There is a care card she can apply to, or local organizations that may e able to help.  
I am sorry this vet saw to it that money was more important than the poor dog.  

A dog can be given benadyl to help it sleep, and they can take aspirin but beings I have no idea if there is internal bleeding or what kind of injury I hate to suggest anything.  

The other thing that she can do is if they know the person who kicked the dog and if it was not an accident but on purpose then charge the person with criminal abuse to an animal, they should then be liable to pay for the care of the dog, or at least reimburse her.

Best of luck and prayers for healing to the lil pup.
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