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End Stage Renal Failure - Options for Maintenance for 12 year old

Hi everyone, my dog was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure.  In reading the blogs about what has worked, meds, food etc, it gets over whelming.  She is a 12 year old I rescued at 10, so our time together has been short.  
She is showing all of the symptoms - not eating, barely drinking, shivering.  I have given her Carafate to stop the bloody diahrea (going on day 2 with no blood), cerenia for nausea and am rehydrating her under her skin.  
Can anyone help me decipher what a good recommended course of action would be?  She ate a bit of chicken yesterday and some giblets but I do know that a high protein diet is the last thing she needs right now.  

Any help would be appreciated.  I am a wreck....
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Wow, My beloved dog just had to be put down for kidney failure but he must have been in stage 1 because he was eating up a storm and did not have those symtoms except drinking alot and peeing alot. My vet told me that even if they did treat Rocky, he would not live more than 3 to 6 months because renal failure is fatal. There is no cure, just treatment. And it can be expensive. My dog was suffering and I DID not want to put him down but I knew it would not get better. They did it Nove 14, 2016. A vet came to my house and he was in my arms. I buried him in my back yard. It has been only a week and I have been really  hurting with grief. I talk to him all the time like he is here. I call my other dog his name and forget he's not here. He was with me for almost 15 years.

But I know I will see him again in Heaven with Jesus. Jesus knows how much we loved each other.
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