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English Bulldog Facial Rash

My English Bulldog's face is red and looks like it has a rash. We have been putting all types of medicines for rashes and things like that, but nothing happens. Her face is still red. What could I do?
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Could be and sounds like allergies. One of my boy's has severe allergies.
Use the "search community" box on this forum in the upper right side and type in "allergies" lots os useful past posts on info for them.
Or just click on my name and scroll thru my past posts for the allergy ones. Lots of things you can do to help. But w/ the redness sounds like he may need to see a vet
for some anti biotics to get it under control first, if that is what it is.
My beagles lips, face, belly would get very red, then get bacterial pyodermas, then fungal infections/yeast too....needed cephalexin and fluconazole for awhile.
I also give him benedryl, fish oil (omega3) and do some other things.

I'm just having a bad episode here of my tendonitis , so typing a lot is a bit painful or i would get into it more. But it's basically all there in past posts.

Take care, Teresa ; )
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I have a 2 year old bully and he had the same issues, and i bought a bully dog book and it says that letting them eat OR drink out of plastic is a big NO NO.
So if ur letting ur bully eat out of plastic that would be the cause of it... we switched to metal, and within 2 days we could see it clearing up.
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