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Enlarged pancreas and liver plz help

very concerned my bulldog is 7 years old and im a wreck hes been in and out of the vet hospital getting iv fluids anti vomiting meds and anti biotics but he still will not eat i got him home again today supposibly his liver and pancreas are inflammed and enlarged and they dunt know why so they let me take him home 2 see if we can persuede him 2 eat but he still is not interested in food at all!! i picked up some milk thistle today hoping that this would be the miracle im looking for because we are close to putting him down as the vets can do nothing else.... :( i need advice second opinions anything also i cant get him to take his antibiotics because he wont let me put nething in his mouth no food no nothing! except i sneak in the liquid milk thistle in his water or thru the space in his teeth please help =( im located in new jersey if anybody knows of a specialist that deals with this
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i forgot 2 add his liver enzymes are high as well...
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I am so sorry for you and your dog.  I lost my first dog at nearly 14 years to pancreatitis.  This illness is a really difficult one to treat, and there is no way of telling which dog will respond, and with one won't.  Don't force him to eat if he refuses food.  He knows he can't digest it.

Pancreatitis means that the pancreas is inflamed and swollen and usually infected.  In dogs, it is usually brought on by a large, sudden intake of fats.  My vet sees it happen like clockwork after every summer holiday when people are BBQing and the dogs get into fatty brisket and ribs.  Some breeds like mini Schnauzers are prone to pancreatitis as well.

The pancreas swells up which puts further pressure on the pancreatic duct that empties digestive enzymes.  When these fluids can drain properly to the small intestine, they literally begin to digest the pancreas itself.  The pancreatic duct and hepatic (liver) ducts join together just before empyting into the small intestine.  With all that swelling inside, the liver then gets upset because the hepatic and common bile duct are pressed on as well, hence the liver numbers.

The only treatment for pancreatitis is GI tract rest, which means NOTHING by mouth.  You literally have to starve your dog and wait it out while treating the pain and nausea.  That is why the dog has to be an in-patient with IV fluid and nutrition support.  We ultimately spent $10,000 over 3 weeks trying to save Travis, but he just couldn't turn the corner.  The bile duct was so blocked off that his gallbladder was about to rupture.  Well, we couldn't put him through that kind of pain, and there came a day that it was clear he had had enough.  At least we know we were able to do everything humanly possible for him, and kept him as comfortable as humanly possible as well.  He was in the "cadillac" of all veterinary hospitals - the kind of place that practices people-style medicine.

Pancreatitis is an extremely painful illness, so I hope your vet is treating his pain with something very heavy-duty like a fentanyl patch or narcotic injections.

Is your dog still actively vomiting or just not eating?  Is he at least able to keep down water?  Does your vet plan to readmit him if he won't start eating on his own?  Can you afford to keep doing so?  Again, I'm so sorry you have to go through pancreatitis.  It is one of the worst conditions to decide when enough is enough.  Please keep us posted as things develop.  :-(
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yea he keeps down water he hasnt vomited since i got him back yesterday he still doesnt want food he seems more livley today i started him on milk thistle lastnight since i heard of miracle turn arounds with it so im still praying one happens and as for the money wise im a 23yr old kid who didnt start my career yet so finances are very tight so im praying this milk thistle brings the liver values down and he begins 2 eat and he wants 2 stay outside im assuming cuz theres snow out there he used 2 love the now and he prolly can breath better out there but he trys 2 go number 2 and very little comes out because he hasnt been eating in about a week and its real dark in color in the begning it was greyish because of the liver im assuming but now its a real dark color so i dunno =(
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Jaybay is very good with directing people in the right direction...I am hoping that your dog makes it through....God bless.  
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I'm so sorry to hear you're having to go through this.  I can hear the desperation in your voice, we had a similar situation with our Schipperke.

I am surprised they want you to try and get him to eat as our dog couldn't have anything to eat (nor did he want it) to let the pancreas rest.  Our dog was fed through a tube for 4 days while his system rested and still didn't want food for 3 more days after that.  But that is what gave his pancreas the time to heal it needed.

If the dog won't take medication ask your vet for a liquid form.  I'm so very sorry, I hope the dog gets better.
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Actually, the dark color is a sign of improvement.  Poo gets its color from bile, so that means that the bile is once again flowing the way it should, and indicates that the swelling is going down.  As long as he's holding down water, and not actively vomiting, that is also a good sign that he's beginning to get better.  Don't force food on him.  He'll know when he can try to eat again.  You can offer plain boiled (or canned) white meat chicken and rice - more on the white rice in the beginning - and see if he's interested.  Since he's drinking, you can try low sodium chicken broth as well.

Your pup is very ill, so keep him inside.  His body doesn't need the added stress of trying to stay warm in the snow.

I know it's alarming when a dog doesn't want to eat, but there are some good signs here.  Unless he starts vomiting up water, he just might have turned the corner.  Another good thing to remember is that once the pancreas has been infected, it tends to be even more picky in the future.  You may have to keep him on a prescription, or extremely low-fat diet for the rest of his life to avoid another acute attack.  Hang in there and keep doing what you're doing.  :-)
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