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"Episodes" mimiking seizures without the convulsions for 5 to 7 hours

My 12 pound  Shi-Poo Boomer is 8 years old.  When she was a puppy I would look at her and her head would be slightly down and looked like " she was in deep thought". Her little head would do a bit of a bob ever so slightly once in a while.
Then her first episode happened at about 6 months of age.. She had a bit of a head bob... her body was dead weight and her eyes all glossed over and she would go in and out of consciousness for 5 to 7 hours. She would usually barf at the beginning ...middle or end of the episode.
There was never any body thrashing or convulsion ( if that's what normally happens in a seizure.)
She had about 8 to 10 of these episodes up to about 7 years of age. There was a year where there was nothing.
Last summer she had one in July...then 3 months later...same symptoms.
As of March 5th/14 our real nightmare started.
She is now having these episodes almost daily for the last week with nothing for 8 days and then back to almost daily. hasn't had one for 3 days although yesterday it looked like the start of one and then she was out of it.
It happened twice yesterday.
They put her on Zeppra 14 days ago...still on it and then put her on phenobarb for the last 9 days.
Her episodes now include peeing.

She has been off of phenobarb for 3 days now...back to almost our dog.
Went to the neurologist. He does not believe that these are seizures. They are mimicking some symptoms of seizures but certainly not for 5 to 7 hours. They are also escalating in duration. Don't know if the phenobarb helped to worsen her symptoms. She is very sensitive to everything.

If anybody out there can help us out please do...our hearts are breaking...although she doesn't seem to be in any pain...it's a sad thing to hold her for hours on end hoping and praying she comes out of it.

Thank You
Brenda and Boomer
Did the blood for the liver test yesterday to check for shunts.Waiting for results as we speak.
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Results are in ...Boomer has been a liver shunt dog all this time and now the symptoms are getting worse.
She is now on antibiotics and  the sugar fiber stuff ... can't remember the name)
Changed her diet from raw Kangaroo and  Steel cut oats to a liver detox of white potatoe ...sweet potatoe...celery...zucchini...and fresh cod.

I will be starting her on Milk thistle tomorrow.
I'll also start her on enzymes and probiotics.
I'm going to see a dog nutritionist and naturopath .
I'll be taking her off of the anibiotics and adding whole food supplements.
Fruit and veggie treats
No more bullie bones

I have done so much reading and research for some time now.

I truly believe in order to save our pets health remember that


Take  care of your fur babies

Brenda and Boomer
1916673 tn?1420233270
Hi. Just caught your post today, so I'm a bit behind what happened originally. I think you seem to be on top of things, so no advice to give you. Seizures are interesting, in that not all dogs (or humans) have the typical and stereotypical thrashing of limbs so often seen in films). In fact, a dog can have a seizure without ay symptoms at all, other than a little disorientation. And you are right, seizures usually only last a few minutes, if that.

So, there is no doubt, these are not that type of seizure and probably don't warrant phenobarbital. It strikes me, given the symptoms you explained when she was very young, that the problem with the liver probably began before she was born and while still in her moms womb.

The milk thistle will certainly be very helpful, as will reducing the protein intake (but not completely, as dogs need some protein). There is evidence to suggest low-protein volume is the right approach ... but with high-quality protein content, so human-grade meats would be much better as a food source than canned dog food. Dry food should not be given at all. Some specialist canned dog foods for liver problems have low volume protein, high quality protein mixtures, which are fine.

Boomer needs to regain Castro-intestinal integrity, and the probiotics and enzyme supplements will certainly help. Once you have seen the nutritionist, let me know what they advise, as it may help other owners on the forum.

You are doing a great job helping your best friend.

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Hi Tony

Appreciate your kind words. I have learned so much this weekend.

Boomer is sleeping so much in the last week or so...more the last couple of days...almost all day and night. She doesn't move around much anymore. She is trying to pee and I noticed nothing came out. Her urine was just done...vet said no problems. She  is so lethargic.

We have just decided to take Boomer off of everything she is on and go at this vigorously with whole foods and proper supplements.
taking her off of the antibiotics she has been on for 2days. Taking her off of the Keppra at 75mg a day...she has  been on since April 11/14. Taking her off of the weekly Atopica ( for allergies )

Don't know if I should take her off of the Surolan and Burrows Solution drops for her chronic yeast in the right ear. One vet wanted to take her whole ear drum out because of a small growth. ( all is good  now)

I have researched livershunt.com and their products might be what I am looking for ( the jury is still out on that ) I am in touch with them by email to discuss possible diet and supplements.

I know in my heart that we are doing the right thing. I think what I've been feeding her ( raw kangaroo and cooked steel cut oats ) and putting her on these drugs ...and getting bad advice regarding medications has been slowly killing her.

I'm not
doing that to her anymore.

We are interested in speaking to this holistic vet  and niutritionist for proper diet and supplements.

I'll keep you all posted. I can only hope that I can help somebody not have to go through what Boomer has gone through. Everyone that gets a puppy should have them tested for liver shunts. What an eye opener. I can't believe 3 vets did not catch any of this for 8 years. I feel so guilty that I did not get off my *** and research this all so many years ago. We did do an ultra sound 5 years ago ( vet suggested ) and they said she did not have a liver shunt. Nobody told us and I didn't ask if the test  was conclusive. Little did I know that she had to have a bile acid done. Shouldn't somebody have picked up on this  when told of her history.  I could have saved our little girl so much suffering had I asked the right questions and did the research...I trusted the vets to know what they were doing... Beware people.

Take Care
Brenda and Boomer
1916673 tn?1420233270
Hi again. I would strongly advise against taking her off the antibiotics, for now. Antibiotics will have no effect unless the full course is completed. I am assuming any sudden stop in medications is only being done under supervision and advice from your vet??? The point being that some medications cannot and should not be stopped suddenly, or more serious consequences can result - some medication need to be withdrawn slowly.

I understand you don't have much confidence in vets right now - but, on this particular matter, I would urge you to take your vet's advice and say you want your dog off any medications that may cause the liver more problems. Then, follow their suggestions on how you might achieve it, safely.

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Hi Tony

Thanks for your thoughts.

I'm going to save my dog and I'll get back to you all regarding our progress in about a month .

All the Best
Brenda and Boomer
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Hello bldevine---My goodness, I've been following this & am overwhelmed! I have my reasons that I won't go into, now.....I want to wish you luck and commend you on the care you have/are providing your dog.....

Your choice of detox food (That your making now) reminds me of one you can purchase yourself if your interested......ALthough not fish (Turkey instead) I think it would be a great choice.....

Called Sojo's Complete...You can order it online many, many places...At least go read about it at their websight.....Sojos.com

Next--Look into an all natural food (Lightly processed) called "My Perfect Pet".  It comes frozen, so must be shipped.......This food made the top 10 for the last two years for best food produced......The shipping on this one is not unreasonable like alot of frozen foods. Visit their site when you can...

Either of these two may be the answer to your prayers for a few reasons....

Please, keep us updated (Sooner than a month) when you can...I'll be patiently waiting....& I thank you for sharing your story....Kudos to you on the care you have taken of your precious little girl......Blessings....Karla
462827 tn?1333168952
P.S. For her ears, look into a product called "Zymox"...Can be ordered online....Amazon sells it & has hundreds of reviews to read...It's the only product my Holistic Vet recommends for EARS........I have used it for years in many, many dogs!!!!  Many places sell it, but amazon has the best information (Reviews)......You won't be sorry......Karla
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Dear Karla

I really  needed some encouragement right now...so I am very thankful.
This is all new to me and I am overwhelmed right now but I know in my heart that I am doing the right thing.
I don't have much time right now but I just wanted to thank you for your information...I need all the help I can get...and I have tons of questions.

I just wanted to let you know that this is day 3 of  Boomers liver detox...and almost 36 hours off of the meds.

It is UNBELEIVABLE !!!!! This little princess was back to her normal self at around midnight last night.

This morning and all day ...she is alert ...she is happy...long walk...couple of big poops...just resting on and off like any normal dog does throughout the day and I just can't believe it. Her eyes are clear   WOW.

She hasn't had an "episode " or seizure ( whatever they are ) since Friday.

I'm excited ...still on pins and needles though.

I'll keep you posted with my research and on Boomers PROGRESS !!!!

All the Best to You :)
Brenda and Boomer

462827 tn?1333168952
Oh, Thank You Brenda & please come back when you can!! I'm delighted with your report! Makes for a good day, doesn't it?

I just Hate that overwhelming feeling you speak about! Your not alone, although at times, you will think you are! Hang in there; Trust me, I know where you are & it CAN be done! I view these things as a TEST of sorts. A TEST that I have NO INTENTIONS of flunking! :)

Your DOING GREAT!!!!!  I'll be thinking about you & your sweet girl!!  Karla
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