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Expectations for newly diagnosed renal failure

Our cocker spaniel, Cooper, is 4-years old.  He developed a cough 3 weeks ago.  He was throwing up a bit.  But otherwise, perky, eating, going potty fine.  Took home to the vet, received antibiotics and cough syrup. Two days later seemed worse.  Took him back, blood work was done, ex rays of thorax and lungs.  X-rays were clear.  Blood work was not.  Creatinine was 6.0, BUN 133, amalayse 2244, albumin 2.6.  Trip to hospital, Exrays, ultrasound, IV fluids with no improvement. Creatinine went from 6.0 to 7.1 in 5 days.  Creatinine now up to 8.0 on day 8.  All the usual meds are being given, Cooper will not eat - neither his kidney diet nor his favorites and won't even touch the homemade recipes I've found here.  He is just lying around.  It's so sad....what should I expect?  What can I do?
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Cooper tested negative for Lyme and leptospirosis.
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My vet explained to me that stomach ulcers are common in dogs with kidney failure. Ulcers can make them feel poorly and because of that they will not want to eat. Did your vet prescribe Pepcid or something like that? I was also told that when their BUN level exceeds 100, they really don't feel all that great.  
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Hi. I'm sorry you have received this diagnosis, particularly in a dog so young. Please join us over on the MedHelp CHRONIC KIDNEY FAILURE IN DOGS User Group. Look it up in Groups or Search it - and then join the Group. Everyone there (100 of us) has had or has a dog with renal disease. There's a wealth of support and information there.

Albumin is on the low end of the normal scale, which suggests hypoalbuminemia is creeping in. Mention this to your vet. The slightly raised amylase suggests pancreatitis. The problem here is probably the food being fed. Renal dog food bought off-the-shelf has low-protein, which could induce low albumin. But adopting a home made high protein diet can raise the amylase, which can lead to pancreatitis. I would suggest trying the renal food with a little high-quality (human grade) chicken, which has high quality proteins. Also, try feeding 4 to 6 times daily, but just tiny amounts which won't cause stress on the kidneys.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of getting the numbers under control. The best route to achieving it, if it's possible, is with fluids. SubQ fluids can be given at home, after getting vet instructions and a little know-how.

Antacid and anti-nausea medication is essential, as this will help encourage eating. What do you mean by "all the usual meds"?

Has your vet checked his blood pressure?

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My heart is torn apart I lost my life today my little girl died
She had a cough I noticed  when I took her for a walk and out of breath  took her to vet right away he took X-rays and found multiple tumors said its cancer 3 month prior she had two large tumors removed came back non cancerous
Today I can't deal with anything I miss her so much she could not relax kept wanting to go outside away from me I guess but I picked her up and put her on the couch not even 5 minutes I had to watch her take her last breath this is so devastating
She panted so hard i could hear the fluid in her little lungs
No vets  opened cause it was the middle of the night she cried a couple times she was so restless
She tried getting to my husband she was so scared he come to her she tried to climb on him we sat with her as was departing us
She was gone 5 minutes after this is the worst pain ever my heart is torn to pieces
I still have one girl left whom is the mother of the one we just lost she is so lost won't eat drink and looking everywere for her baby she pushed her with her nose putting the blanket over her then layed  beside  her after she was gone I can only hope she stays strong for me I can't bare to loose her to
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Hi. I am so sorry for your loss. It is heartbreaking to lose a best friend, and only other dog owners truly understand or can appreciate the grief and how traumatic it can be. I hope in the coming days and weeks you will be able to concentrate more on the life you gave her, the times you shared and the love you provided.

Run free little one.

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