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Extra 'toes' on puppy!

We adopted a young puppy this past week from our animal shelter.  The people who surrendered the litter said the parents were American Bull Dog and German Shepherd.  At 10 weeks old, my puppy (Beagle coloring) weighs 7 lbs.  My vet pointed out that when the shelter vet neutered my pup that he shaved her legs but didn't remove her dew claws. He suggested I do a websearch for breeds with 'extra dew claws'.  It appears she has 'double dew claws'. Doc has no idea what she is, tho he said maybe a terrier and Shepherd mix.  

I could only find two huge breeds listed. Any thoughts on what breeds I might research?  Here's Daisy.

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Looks like she is getting appropriate care, good for you!

Too bad they didn't take off the dew claws.  You could try calling the Shelter and just "nicely" state the fact your Vet pointed out the double dew claws and said they should have been removed.  Actually, see if you can talk to the Vet there.  Mention they are unsightly and you are afraid they may cause an injury and maybe he would remove them at no charge to you.  It is surgery, at this point, but not a major one or a long procedure to do.  Pup will be sore fir a while.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  

Other than that, if they don't bother her you can wait and save the money as you can or wait until she is ever put under fir something else like maybe a teeth cleaning.
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Are the dew claws on the front or back?  Did your Vet recommend removing them?
St. Bernard's, Kuvasz, Great Pyranese can all have double dew claws.  Actually, any pup can be born with them.  They are usually removed.  
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The extra dew claws are on the rear and stick out like extra thumbs.  They're right next to her other toes and not 'up the leg'.  

First, it's $150 to remove them, and he said if she ever needed to be anesthetized for another condition, he'd remove them at no charge at the same time.  He said many dogs have no problems and since she's going to be a house dog, might never have a problem.  He did mention they can get caught, etc.

We've had her since Dec. 30th and she eats a good bit but has only put on about 1/2 a lb (according to records from the pound).

She doesn't have the hair of the Kuvasz or GP.  I have seen a GP mix listed at the pound before but this is a very poor Georgia county and dogs tend to be labs, shepherds, coon hounds, Pitts, Bulldogs and not much else.  She doesn't look like any of the above.  Her hair is 'stiff' and has grown quite a good bit in just a week (in length).
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No,she does not look like those breeds.  Like I said, any breed can have double dew claws and they are usually on the back.  A responsible breeder usually has them removed within the first 3 days.  
Yes, they can get caught or ripped.  Now, it is surgery.  Is she spay yet?  If not, I hope you plan to get that done.  The Vet can remove the dew claws during the spay surgery.

You can leave them if they don't hinder her walking but they are unsightly and can get ripped or torn.

Good for you for giving her a good home.
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Sorry, back to the weight issue.  Has she been wormed and checked for parasites?  Do you have her on a good quality puppy food?  She should be fed 3-4 times a day.
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She was spayed on Dec. 27th.  She's had shots, booster shots, checked for heartworms and parasites. Even tho the parasite test was negative, Doc is worming her. She had her 2nd dose today.  

I mentioned the weight because of the question of her being a large breed dog (which I really prefer).  She's being fed a 4 1/2 star food on the websites that compare ingredients and warn of fillers.  It's made for only one store chain.  I give her 1/4th can mixed with their brand of dry at 6:00 a.m. and then dry the rest of the day.  

We had her checked within 24 hours of bringing her home and her recheck was yesterday.  To be VERY honest, I cannot afford the $150 for the dew claw removal. She came with a short term insurance and I'm tempted to call the animal shelter and ask why her dew claws were not removed. My vet said the guy who did her spaying is a young and well admired vet in the next town. It may have been an oversight because her legs were shaved in that area.

Again, this is a tiny country area.  I'm sure this was no 'responsible breeder' but an irresponsible pet owner instead.  I have 3 animals that were all neutered as soon as it was allowed. My lab is almost 9 and gets laser tx and Adequan (?) shots for his arthritis and hip dysplasia on a regular routine.
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New development.  Daisy has tufts of almost black hair growing out from the corner of her mouth (bottom lips).  Her hair is getting much longer all over. She is getting longer in the body, too but still has 'bulldog feet'.  If her ears were longer, I'd suspect a Basset mix.

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