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Eye Question. Need help for for my dog.

I have a Pekingese who is 10 years old. The problem started with her one eye about two years ago now. She was take to a vet and diagnosed with a corneal ulcer. He treated her for it by using the button method where her eye was stitched shut using buttons for I think about a week. I applied ointment Terramycin to be exact in through the openings. Then it was taken off her eye healed very well looked perfectly fine. Then about a month later it looked the same. Now fast forward both are the same. They both have lots of pus/discharge,very red and sore, swollen, often dry, cloudy white in a certain area, and bother her. Plus she's either going blind from it or is just somewhat due to the infection and pus/discharge. I've been trying my best with no money to keep paying $200+ for the same button method by cleaning them and using terramycin and now eye drops and Vetericyn ophthalmin gel which is for eye infections. All with no luck to completely rid her of this discomfort. It helps to an extent. So anyone that has any advice please share.
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Poor thing must be miserable!  I have no experience with this but would, and have in the past, consulted with a Canine Opthamologist.  If there is nine in your area, do you have a Vet school you could take her to?
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I know she is I've tried my best to help her. She can't see as well now and I have no money and don't know where to go for help. I feel so bad seeing her like she is and she means so much to me.
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