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when you look at my dog shes a cookerpoo about 10 years old its like she had a stroke one side of her face (just around her eye area) isint as perky as the other side..there is no trama, no bee sting, the eye look normal theres no irrataion no complaints from the dog...should I take her to the vet or wait and see what happens..she looks pefecly normal..she can blink that eye she can see out of it..there no goo or discharge beside what natural happenes . I always take care of my dogs but neither I nor my dog have insurance at this time and money is so tight I just dont know if I should pay for an office visit for them to tell me that its part of her aging process..Can Dogs have strokes and is there anything to do for the dog..
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Yes dogs can have strokes, but it is rare. If she's showing no other signs/symptoms then I wouldn't be too concerned about a stroke.. Other symptoms are head tilt, turning the wrong way when called, lethargy, vision and balance problems, incontinence, and more..

Does she have any underlying conditions that you know of? ie kidney or heart disease, diabetes, thyroid issues, recent head trauma, high blood pressure all increase risk of strokes.

I would be more concerned about Lymes disease.. I have seen a couple of dogs with Bell's Palsey associated with Lymes disease. Bell's Palsey happens when inflamation in the facial nerves causes misfiring and paralyze half the face, and the patient is unable to blink or move one side of the face very much. It lasts indefinately. I myself had Bell's Palsey 8 years ago when I first had Lymes, it lasted a month after I was treated for it.

I would keep an eye(no pun intended) on her and take her in to get checked out as soon as you get a chance. If it is Lymes you don't want to wait too long to treat her- some dogs never show any other signs, but the disease can wreak havoc on their bodies if untreated. Likewise, if it is a stroke she needs to be seen anyway to rule out any underlying conditions which may have caused it.

Hope this helps, and let me know what the diagnosis is!
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