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Female Scottish Terrier of 9 Years Has these Lumps

what are they and how to proceed and what to expect? All info is appreciated as will pass it on also to the people treating her
already taking her to vet currently waiting on bacterial exams which will be complete in 15 days she is currently on antibiotics espectril 10  1 tablet and a half .a protector for stomach called ranite of 40 mg also Benadryl of 25 mgs  twice a day

2 times a day also giving massage every 12 hours with arnica and a cream that contains arnica and warm water gausses with arnica to activate the circulation on the leg after the cleaning with an antiseptic soap and apply neosept in the wounds Brednisolona 10 3/4tth of a pill once a day

the lumps are not hard and are soft when she received this treatment she had a emogram which i am also adding to the post  and all the values were normal sorry for translation English is not my main language
She is currently eating well and her droppings and urine is nothing wrong and with frequency drinking water

Her Ear
Emogram test
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Please admin help with putting images in thread
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I cannot tell from the size and quality of the photos what these lumps are, and even if the photos were better we cannot and do not diagnose conditions online from photos.  What does the vet who is treating her say they are?  If that vet has not yet diagnosed them or doesn't know what they are then you need to take her to a different vet, perhaps a canine dermatological specialist.  Because of the tiny size of the photos I can't even determine what part of the dog I am looking at, so I cannot even hazard a guess as to what these might be.

Please contact either the treating vet or take her to another vet for a second opinion or first diagnosis of these lumps.  As I said, we cannot diagnose things online based on photos.

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